IT must
just work

Refreshing in IT!

Our solutions are innovative and refreshing. We are innovative in our organisation and in our IT. Our customers are at the forefront of the latest technology. We communicate clearly about this and are thus the cooling solution in heated IT matters.

IT simply has to work, because it forms your competitive position.
IT should be simple and secure and customers should be looked after by more passionate people who communicate clearly.
We provide these IT services and products for SMEs.
Lime Networks - Refreshing in IT!

What customers say

"The cooperation with Lime Networks is very pleasant. They always help us well. It's a partnership that still feels personal. It's not just about contracts you have with each other, but you really feel like you're working together."

"Working with Lime Networks suits both me and my team well. It is a very pleasant collaboration. They respond proactively, adequately, and quickly. The staff at Lime Networks has knowledge, a good attitude and really thinks along with you. They deliver service. It's all really more than excellent at Lime Networks."

Andre, Logeion
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What does Lime Networks do for you?

This is what we think is important

  • Taking care of customers
    Customer and solution-oriented work with proactive and personal contact. Always going the extra mile for the customer.
  • Passion for technology
    Investing in innovation and always working on standardizing and testing IT. We like to do it right the first time. IT just has to work.
  • Speaking clear language
    IT should be easy, and that includes speaking understandable language. Communicating openly and transparently to our customers. We are always there for you, even outside office hours or if you have asked something before.

With "secure by design," the security of an IT product or service is key.