8 fresh changes that will make you truly satisfied as a customer in 2021

At Lime Networks we are full of ambitions, such as a 10 from the customer. This is not only very important for us, as a customer you will benefit from this. Do you want to know what we are going to do to earn that 10 and make you as our customer truly satisfied? We have come up with 8 fresh changes to make IT even more refreshing!

Implementing Smileys in Autotask

We are going to add smileys in Autotask; green, yellow and red smileys. This way you can give immediate feedback on an IT problem. Red means you are not satisfied and we will call you back immediately to find out what the problem is. In this way, we can listen to our customers better and make it more accessible to indicate that you are not fully satisfied. That way, we can respond in time and solve the (IT) problem. Have you chosen yellow? Then we will work to improve it. A green smiley means that everything was completely fine. In the end, we hope it will only be green smiles, because we are going for ultimate customer satisfaction in 2021!

QBR (Quarterly Business Review): IT as a service instead of a product

We are going to provide you, the client, with information on the state of IT by means of a QBR or even better: an LBR (Lime Business Review)...We communicate this long, medium and short term planning for you in a short report in advance. This is how we bring knowledge and experience to bear to actively help customers in the next step of digital transformation, security and innovation in IT. In this way, you can take action more quickly because the steps are simplified and drawn up in manageable chunks. In this way, we bring customer satisfaction to a higher level in concrete terms. By receiving feedback, we can better anticipate your needs as a customer and maintain a continuous technology and security standard.

Continuous training of helpdesk staff

In order to help the customer in the right way, we first go to work with our helpdesk. The helpdesk is your first point of contact as a customer. By training our helpdesk staff, they are more aware of the customer's needs. Customers need to feel valued and that starts with the helpdesk's simple and helpful communication that explains everything in clear language.

We go for that 10 from the customer by training our staff and helping them provide the best service. Think Microsoft training, lunch & learn sessions on internal services and processes, quarterly meetings, 'capture the flag' events for the techies, screens on the wall with up-to-date relevant information on all subjects. For new staff, we have a buddy system. We go for that 10 from the customer!

Customer satisfaction survey: what are our points for improvement?

In order to improve customer satisfaction, it is important to know what we do and do not score well on. By means of a customer survey, we map out the customer's opinion and clearly define our points for improvement.

10 manuals for 5 different subjects

IT should be simple and secure and customers should be looked after by more passionate people who communicate clearly. That's why we are busy writing new manuals for our customers on Telephony, Office 365, Network, Teams and Lime Networks. For example, a manual on how to read our invoice and how to use the portal for telephony. The advantage of this? You can read through everything at your own leisure and always find the right information.

Honest project and customer references

After every completed project and/or migration, we ask 10 questions about the project. This way we can make clear where possible improvements can be made and what we need to do to get that '10' from the customer. Apart from this piece of insight, we can place the references on our website so non-customers can read whether Lime Networks suits them.

Free interesting E-books, checklists and other freebies

We have collected a lot of valuable content that we like to share with our customers. We make IT transparent and simple and share interesting information so you can get the most out of your IT. Think for example of an IT security checklist or a free 20 minute call to discuss and solve your IT problem. Like this? Keep an eye on our website and socials!

Listening to the customer's input

We are very active on social media, our website and in our newsletter. We do not only communicate what we think the customer likes to read, we also listen to what the customer wants to read. That way, we can offer the right information and only create content that is truly relevant to our customers. So here's your question: what would you like to learn about? Let us know and we will take your input into account!

So, that's it, the list of things we (will) do in 2021 to make every customer extremely satisfied. We are aiming for the highest possible customer satisfaction score. So what can we do to make you an even happier customer? Feedback is always welcome. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at 010-2121806 | info@limenetworks.nl.

We offer IT solutions for a fixed price, for all SME's in the Netherlands. With a well-trained team, we take the complexity out of IT and deliver efficient services that take total care of you as a customer.

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Frequently asked questions about Lime Networks

Is your question not listed? 1 email or 1 phone call is enough to get it answered. 010-2121806 | info@limenetworks.nl

There are so many choices when it comes to buying products that you may need some help. Our knowledge of products and experience with other customers means that you can always come to us for the best solution for the business market. We cannot test everything, but we do have a good solution to help you. If you purchase products such as a laptop from us, we will also handle the warranty and support within your maintenance contract.

It certainly is. That's why we believe in working together. An IT manager in your company can quickly provide knowledge. Through monthly contracts, we are always focused on the long term. Because we constantly invest in ready-made solutions for SMEs, we let you lead the way in IT. By using standards, you get more certainty.

Contracts provide clear agreements and service when you need it. Predictability in your costs without surprises. We go that extra mile, because it offers certainty for everyone. Whether you save money in the long term? We do not think so. But you do get the service and expertise when you need us. And if things go wrong, you are not left with high costs or doubts about whether or not you should hire someone. We believe in relationships, not contracts. With us, all contracts can be terminated per month - unless a supplier imposes otherwise, such as for a fibre-optic connection. This way, you can benefit from the advantages without being tied down to anything and the costs are predictable.

IT is often complicated. We don't think it needs to be. By making IT simple and secure, you strengthen your competitive position. The well thought-out solutions, the simplification, security and clear support when you need it, cost a lot of time. In preparation, training, documentation, education and especially experience. That is difficult - in fact, impossible - to do yourself. So it's good that everyone has some knowledge and remains critical, but cooperation and a lot of experience and knowledge is key to good IT.

Yes, you can. Outside office hours you can reach us on exactly the same phone number as during the day. With premium contracts, you will be helped without having to pay extra. We always do regular work during office hours, but if you really need us, we are there for you with a tight SLA so that you can continue as soon as possible. If you do not have a premium contract, we will help you on the basis of best effort at an adjusted rate. You do not have to do anything for this.

By greatly simplifying IT and concentrating on the solutions we offer, we help customers with their problems. By focusing on taking care of the customer and not the solution, standard solutions are configured for the customer. By working according to standards, agreements and concentrating on communication, we ensure customer understanding and a pleasant experience. IT is often complex and at Lime Networks we make it simple for you.

We periodically discuss with the IT manager where we are going and where we are now. Not only whether we are doing well but also whether the customer is doing well and using IT in such a way that it adds as much value as possible. If there is also local IT support, we divide the tasks. We let the customer look into systems, documentation and give them insight into the network or servers/cloud, for example. Often we arrange the basics, add knowledge and help to make faster steps with extra hands and experience, for example in projects.

We are Microsoft Gold Partner in three areas, for which the employees of Lime Networks have successfully completed many training courses and for which current customer cases have been approved by Microsoft. In addition, there are many certifications in the areas of security, voice, networking and the like. We work according to the guidelines and standards of our suppliers. Our ISO 27001 certificate without comments also ensures the correct working method and attitude.

Good employees leave a positive impression on you when they have helped you. We put a lot of time into this. Our employees all work according to our guidelines, procedures and manuals. More important are our core values (customer care, passion for technology, clear language) which we actively promote. During 'lunch & learn sessions' with the team, we pay a lot of attention to security internally and for the customer and keep our knowledge up to date. Each year, we follow relevant training courses in order to remain at the forefront of knowledge. We receive a score of 8.4 from customers for projects and migrations and have a 100% score for successful implementation. We naturally aim for a 10, so we are constantly improving.

Our helpdesk acts as a full-service helpdesk where anyone can directly help you with questions and problems. You can always call us with all your IT questions and problems. Our passionate and well-trained team will assist you in a friendly manner with your IT, documentation and specific arrangements. Whether you have a problem, need advice or have a question, we work together as one team. 20 IT people for the price of 1 that you can call as often as you like; better that you call us more often about the same subject than that you are stuck with the question! We are also available outside office hours for important malfunctions. An engineer will help you within 15 minutes. Finally, our helpdesk is available in Dutch or English.

We will set up IT so that you can get on with it and be one step ahead of the competition. Whether it's telephony or Wi-Fi, our helpdesk is ready to solve any IT problem. With a highly skilled and passionate team, no IT problem is too big and we ensure efficiency and security.

We go for performance, continuity and security. The first step is an inventory, in which we look at how IT is currently used, how it can be used better and what our role is in this. What is the request for help and what value can we add? If we are on the same wavelength, we will propose a plan of action, so you will not be faced with any surprises. This way, you know exactly what we are going to do, how, what effects this will have, who is going to do what, when and how much it will cost. Adoption is also part of this. Then we implement it. Think of security, installation and migration. The exact course of this differs per company. The helpdesk is always there for you and helps you immediately. Transparency, trust and problem-solving are paramount throughout the process.

  • IT is the core of your competitive position
  • We take the complexity out of IT
  • It is cheaper than doing your IT yourself
  • IT is no longer a core task
  • We don't just advise, we actually do the work
  • We are innovative and always up-to-date
  • You don't have to worry about IT anymore
  • Less stress, more efficiency

We focus on the SME segment up to 250 workstations. We do not exclude any branch of industry; every company with IT needs is welcome.

  • We always deliver top performance
  • We work closely with the customer
  • Our team is young, innovative and innovative
  • We communicate clearly
  • Security is our number one priority
  • Our services are as efficient and customer-friendly as possible
  • We are at the forefront of the latest IT techniques
  • We sort everything out for you, you don't have to do anything yourself
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