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Frequently asked questions

That depends on the client. We take care of all your worries and arrange everything from A to Z. Sometimes you have internal staff or external parties who take care of part of the work. It is important that professionals know what they are doing in order to complete the project successfully.

In Azure, your data, servers and data are by default located in data centres in the Netherlands. You can also specify whether you want to distribute your services to the rest of the world or to a specific location. Sometimes you want to be 'georedundant', i.e. operate in more than one geographical location at the same time. Perhaps you want the Hong Kong office to have a higher performance and you want to have servers or services in that specific region. You can indicate this.

Wij nemen contact met je op om vast te stellen dat je aanvraag klopt. Wij maken een afspraak met je om er voor te zorgen dat de offerte ook klopt en dat wij niets zijn vergeten.
Bij grotere projecten of als het gaat om meer dan één product/dienst dan doen wij een initieel voorstel en weet je wat je kunt verwachten. Vervolgens schrijven wij een plan van aanpak zodat je precies weet wie, wat, wanneer doet en wat de impact is voor jouw bedrijf. Per stap in detail. Als je akkoord bent met de inhoud dan kan het eigenlijk niet meer misgaan. De juiste uitkomst van het project staat nu voor 100% vast. Als er tussentijds iets mocht wijzigen dan spelen wij hierop in en overleggen met jou over wat te doen. Hoe dan ook: 100% afgeronde projecten en een 8,4 van de klant over 2018/2019.
Bij Lime Networks gaan wij voor de lange termijn en maken wij het voor jou simpel.

Speed on networks can sometimes be complex. If performance is not as it should be, we always start by measuring it. After gaining insight into possible bottlenecks, we provide a quick remedy to get your network performing optimally again. Whether this concerns settings for VLANs and QoS, expansion of capacity due to growth, faulty equipment or measuring the Wi-Fi again. Your company gets a solution, POINT. So you don't have to worry about that.

If you are asked to log in somewhere, do not click on the link in the e-mail. It is that simple. If it's about banking, go to your bank's website and check the message service there. If it's about your documents online from a cloud service, go to your own login page that you know and log in there. If it's about a service from a customer, you can call them to confirm. Never log in with your own data, but only with the data they have provided. This prevents you from clicking on wrong links, accepting wrong proposals or downloading programs or giving permission that is malicious or illegal. It ensures that you are smart.

A project with an IT component is often an IT project. There are quite a few ways to look at it (check out this website...: https://exin.vanharen.net/blog/what-is-a-project-with-an-it-component/). At Lime Networks an IT project is a change of which IT is a part. This takes place at our customers and requires our help. IT is often only a small part; sometimes we are involved in the whole with for example training, advising on changes and goals. And sometimes it's just technical/IT work for us. Either way, we at Lime Networks believe that you have to follow agreements, communicate well about them and achieve the result you agreed upon beforehand.

Yes, we are. We are still refreshing in IT! So we are happy to help you.

Think of a new server or moving servers in the office to the cloud. But also when you start using a new product like Microsoft Teams or a new CRM system. Sometimes we just help with a piece of IT, sometimes we help with education or training and sometimes we take care of everything, from A to Z.

Good employees leave a positive impression on you when they have helped you. We put a lot of time into this. Our employees all work according to our guidelines, procedures and manuals. More important are our core values (customer care, passion for technology, clear language) which we actively promote. During 'lunch & learn sessions' with the team, we pay a lot of attention to security internally and for the customer and keep our knowledge up to date. Each year, we follow relevant training courses in order to remain at the forefront of knowledge. We receive a score of 8.4 from customers for projects and migrations and have a 100% score for successful implementation. We naturally aim for a 10, so we are constantly improving.

How secure you work can be measured. With a technical security test or pen test you can always look for weak spots in the security of your IT equipment, software and network. But also your website or developed application can be extensively tested. You can also have a procedural security test carried out. This has little to do with IT; it means testing how secure the actions are within your company. In other words: are your procedures in order?

Per 1 maart zijn automatisch alle *nieuwe* contracten NCE. Per 1 Juli moeten alle klanten over zijn

That depends very much on the chosen solution and whether you are already working with certain solutions. As an example: if you already work with Office 365, then you already have a licence that allows you to work in a modern way. So in fact, it costs nothing. Of course, you need to set up and secure everything, engage your staff and have a training course at the office (1 to 2 hours) for a fresh start. The costs of this are still manageable. Especially when you see how much more effective you will be working together with your colleagues! Oh yes; once you have started, we are there for you with answers and help for your questions and problems. Our skilled helpdesk is always ready for you.

We periodically discuss with the IT manager where we are going and where we are now. Not only whether we are doing well but also whether the customer is doing well and using IT in such a way that it adds as much value as possible. If there is also local IT support, we divide the tasks. We let the customer look into systems, documentation and give them insight into the network or servers/cloud, for example. Often we arrange the basics, add knowledge and help to make faster steps with extra hands and experience, for example in projects.

Very good. We use the network of the KPN transmission towers and their network internationally. So that's okay. It can always vary from building to building and from provider to provider. But KPN is simply good! Very good.

You profit optimally from all the knowledge of the underlying Managed Service Provider. This allows you to strengthen your position in security and sleep peacefully. Matters such as ISO 27001, NDA and a processor's agreement ensure that your company benefits but does not run any (extra) risk in this area.

Yes, you can. With your own laptop you can get straight to work, otherwise you can log in via https://portal.office.com with your e-mail address, password and MFA code. Through this portal you can access your e-mail and files directly from any location. If you also use our Managed Voice solution, you can forward it to any number you like via https://voip.limenetworks.nl.

Safe Working has many facets. It starts with your own workplace, the equipment you use and the software you and your company use. These must be well thought out, safely set up and kept up-to-date with updates and security. In addition, you must occasionally check whether your work and business environment is safe. You can do that with so-called pen tests. But it's also about processes, people and knowledge. Complex, in other words. It doesn't matter, we like challenges and ensure that you are ahead in technology and security.

Zekers, je kan maandelijks opzeggen. Als je het gebouw verlaat zeggen wij direct de lijn op.

Microsoft Teams is an application that is part of Office 365. You can use it to communicate (chat, audio, video), access your business (team) data and connect to other Office 365 applications. You can also connect to all kinds of external (cloud) applications, such as Trello, Asana, CRM, etc: Trello, Asana, CRM, PowerBI, Jira, and so on. Microsoft Teams is a hub for your daily work, communication and collaboration with others.

With 'secure by design', every choice of product or service is considered in terms of its implications for the IT security of your environment. This means that the highest security requirements are taken into account, such as encryption, MFA, AVG, access control, etc. This ensures that we always stand behind our products and we know about data security and availability.

That is what we would like to see. But every organisation is different in services, hardware, software and very different in, for example, the use of a specific service, Microsoft Teams or OneDrive. Also, things like company culture and rules or legislation give a human or sometimes organisational difference which, without attention/engagement, cannot be properly managed with IT. Profit in this respect is sometimes more valuable than an average software package or a simple manual.

We can make your staff aware of risks and risky behaviour. For security awareness we can give your staff a training (external or internal) with a partner who has experience in this. In addition, optionally a tool can be delivered to the workstations that measures knowledge, keeps it up to date and reports to the responsible persons. This way, you get a continuous improvement in risk awareness and avoidance of risky behaviour.

Sometimes there are changes in IT systems. Think of a move, a revision, a refactor, a replacement or a reinstallation. Often a combination of systems and mutations.

Yes, all steps are extensively transferred to the project administration. They are controlled by the project manager. We only close the project once all the steps have been completed and the customer has confirmed them. The administration of this is available on request.

That you are not working in an unsafe workplace with outdated software, missing updates and inadequate security. Adjustments are made to prevent problems with your workplace. Failures that occur frequently due to the complexity of all components are solved automatically with smart scripts. This keeps your workplace healthy. The only thing you notice is that you experience fewer malfunctions. Finally, the management provides insight into licences and hardware in use and ensures proper monitoring, control and help in solving any malfunctions.

We believe that customers should own the IT that they have. We make customers aware of the risks they run and the solutions that are available to them. Of course, we point this out and indicate where things could possibly go wrong if you make other choices. We choose to work safely, but we understand your choices. That is how we work together and share knowledge and experience.

In a nutshell, we provide a safe, high-performance workplace for the long term. In addition, we help you immediately if something is not working so that you can continue your work as soon as possible. Because nothing is as annoying as not being able to do your job!

That depends on the contract we have agreed together. Our Premium services give you the very highest standard that we offer, for example.

The project leader at Lime Networks is your point of contact. If necessary, an engineer who is nearby can convey your message. Sometimes it is also useful to inform the IT manager within your company about important issues within an IT project. This way, the communication is efficient and possible actions are taken quickly.

IT is often complicated. We don't think it needs to be. By making IT simple and secure, you strengthen your competitive position. The well thought-out solutions, the simplification, security and clear support when you need it, cost a lot of time. In preparation, training, documentation, education and especially experience. That is difficult - in fact, impossible - to do yourself. So it's good that everyone has some knowledge and remains critical, but cooperation and a lot of experience and knowledge is key to good IT.

No, unfortunately. There are firewalls that have some form of data control. However, this is a limited part of your data. A lot of data moves around your network securely or is not visible to smart firewalls. The best remedy for keeping these forms of cybercrime at bay is not in your network but in the security of endpoints, data, users, servers etc. Up-to-date endpoints, antivirus (or even better EDR), encryption, a good password policy, a solid rights structure on your data, MFA on all your external software and/or services do provide more security. The final benefit lies in your staff, who you can train in security awareness. Prevention can never be 100% guaranteed, but if things do go wrong, we will be there for you. We will help you to get back up and running quickly.

You can start by being aware that you want to work safely. This question has succeeded, so let's mention the next easy steps right away. Use legal software! Make sure you have a good antivirus/antimalware solution on your PC (pay for it too; no freebies). Always make sure you have the most recent versions and updates for your system and software. Also make sure you have the latest security patches and updates. Use a password manager (like LastPass; free for private use) and do not use the same passwords for different systems and accounts. Use MFA (multi factor authentication) for all services/accounts that are online. We are far from there yet, but with these measures you are not a low-hanging fruit for hackers and certainly not for the majority of online crime.

  • We always deliver top performance
  • We work closely with the customer
  • Our team is young, innovative and innovative
  • We communicate clearly
  • Security is our number one priority
  • Our services are as efficient and customer-friendly as possible
  • We are at the forefront of the latest IT techniques
  • We sort everything out for you, you don't have to do anything yourself

Through engagement and responsibility. By empowering you to work with engagement and responsibility, barriers to working together are reduced or eliminated. By including people in the planning, changes and what is possible, you give energy instead of change. We help you with the process and involving people/employees in modern collaboration. This way you let technology work for you and not against you. This shifts you from 'having to work together' to 'being able to work together efficiently'.

  • Only authorised persons appointed by you may decide about your IT
  • We always perform all security updates
  • We always perform software updates for you
  • Wij gebruiken altijd een encryptie die niet te kraken is met de huidige technologie (AES-256 encryptie)
  • We provide multiple backups with legal retention and monitor this
  • We are ISO 27001 certified and work according to agreements
  • IT moves fast, so we innovate every day. Safe working comes first
  • We are keen on our own procedures and security and check them regularly
  • Wij worden door een externe partij gecontroleerd op de veiligheid van systemen die wij gebruiken

In fact, it IS a subscription/contract! That way, you have certainty with agreements such as the SLA (service level agreement) and the nature of the service. We believe in long-term relationships but not in long-term contracts. At Lime Networks all contracts, including Workplace Management, can be cancelled per month.

Nee. Het gaat niet om cloud of servers, maar om een idee van werken. Wel weten wij uit ervaring dat werken in de cloud stukken makkelijker is. Sterker nog, het onderhouden van een serverpark met alle randzaken (uptime, beveiliging, back-ups, continuïteit, beschikbaarheid etc) is veel duurder. Door bijvoorbeeld met Office 365 en andere office 365 applicaties maak je snel een frisse start.

To achieve safety, performance and continuity. Everyone wants to be able to do their work safely everywhere. Everything must function properly, despite all the problems with hardware and software, the challenges of security and all the software on your pc.

We would love to be able to tell you that a virus does not exist at all, but unfortunately there are many examples of this happening. We won't let you down on this! We will make sure that we measure and analyse the problem (for your ISO reporting or insurance, for example). In addition, we ensure that you can quickly get back to work without any loss of data. Sometimes this is done in the blink of an eye, sometimes we have to reinstall your pc. Whatever the case, we are there for you and will help you quickly.

In progress. That is what it is all about. We all want perfection, but we must focus on continuous improvement. That 10 is a goal but also an end point. By measuring in dots, stars, numbers or thumbs up, you can determine where you stand and where you can improve. If there is improvement, that is a measurable gain.

Call your IT manager. These people will (probably) know what to do, provided they are familiar with the matter. Calling in your IT party, internal or external, is the first step. They will find out where the hack took place, know how to stop it immediately or cut it off and make sure the damage is limited as much as possible. You also want to secure data about the hack, such as log files of servers, network equipment, etc. This way you can also find out what went wrong or discuss this with a specialised security company (e.g. Northwave). This may also be important to see how you can prevent further security breaches and your insurance may ask about it.

Just like a mobile phone, you can buy it yourself and buy a prepaid subscription. Great solution. You don't have to do anything. Do you want to keep it simple, make costs predictable and outsource the responsibility to professionals? Then we think that is a wise choice for the business. That way, you can shift your attention to things that make a difference or in which you can compete with your sector colleagues.

Lime Networks zorgt voor de oplevering van de glasvezelverbinding tot aan de meterkast. Wij helpen jou daar dus graag bij met een eigen kabelpartner, maar je kunt dat natuurlijk ook regelen met je eigen installateur.

Actually, Modern Work is the next step in efficient cooperation. In fact, every organisation is ready for it. Of course, we are happy to explain the effect on your organisation and give you customised advice - whether you work in production, have a consultancy firm or are in financial services.

When all the steps of the action plan have been completed in the project administration, we ask you if you agree and everything is finished. If you agree, the project is finished.

There are so many choices when it comes to buying products that you may need some help. Our knowledge of products and experience with other customers means that you can always come to us for the best solution for the business market. We cannot test everything, but we do have a good solution to help you. If you purchase products such as a laptop from us, we will also handle the warranty and support within your maintenance contract.

Where should we start? It is of course very personal, but to name the core you will mainly work together and more efficiently. You work together in Teams, where you work with data, communication, applications and information from various sources. You'll work more efficiently because you can work anywhere, on your workstation or mobile phone. With the addition of Microsoft Teams, you see that many sources of information come together in one ecosystem. With Office 365, you have a platform with many applications (in addition to the standard Office Suite that we are all familiar with) that give your productivity a boost because they directly affect your data and way of working. Call us for a demo and we will show you what it looks like in practice.

No. You and your company get your own telephone exchange on the cloud platform. That is part of the whole and you pay per person and for the call minutes (or you buy the call minutes). This applies to both mobile and fixed telephony.

Yes, that is very easy. So if you don't have time, you can easily transfer the caller to a colleague or to a department - with or without consultation.

Not as far as we are concerned. We help you with technical matters, but also with advice and take care of you from A to Z. We do think that you should always have someone in your company who has an overview of IT and draws attention to it from time to time. An IT manager, for example. How big your company is determines how important the job of IT manager is in your company. We make it simple and safe for you, so you can do what you do best.

Actually, all types of servers, if we limit ourselves to the hardware. If we talk about the software, we supply Windows-Only. You can think of ActiveDirectory, Storage, SQL, RDS/WVD, RemoteApp and application servers. In Azure, some servers are broken down more into functions or roles in order to achieve efficiency. We are happy to tell you how to maintain or set up your server park in the cloud in a modern way, without too much inconvenience.

Ja. Met ‘secure by design’ staat veilig werken bij Lime Networks voorop. Wij zorgen dat je data veilig staat (ook in de cloud) en dat de weg naar je data ook veilig is. Je hoeft je geen zorgen te maken over de beschikbaarheid en integriteit van je data. Met retentie en versioning van data kun je fouten maken zonder dat dit impact heeft op de organisatie.

If we want to carry out a project or migration perfectly, we must first communicate clearly about it. What is going to happen, who is going to do it, when is everything going to happen, what is the impact, what about security and your data, who is responsible and how do you and we reach you? Clear agreements down to the last detail. That prevents missteps and we always deliver every project - 100% score. We now have an average score of 8.4, but we will not be satisfied until you give us a 10. A plan of action is always the basis for the client's success.

Yes, we believe in the long term for a good relationship, but without coercion. Sometimes there is an unavoidable term, such as a licence for a software product or a fibre-optic connection for which suppliers apply a minimum term. But also for things like (mobile/fixed) telephony, Office Licences, maintenance contracts, we believe that performance is a better basis for cooperation.

It certainly is. That's why we believe in working together. An IT manager in your company can quickly provide knowledge. Through monthly contracts, we are always focused on the long term. Because we constantly invest in ready-made solutions for SMEs, we let you lead the way in IT. By using standards, you get more certainty.

Yes! Invite people to read files or even participate in creating the content. You can also invite external parties in Teams and/or Channels to become part of your productivity. You can determine what they can do in your environment (read, create, take control). As a company, you can influence whether or not you want this. In the Office 365 Compliance overview you can see which data is available to whom.

We have written a blog about this: how to go to the cloud?

Retention literally means "to hold on to". With data and backups, retention is a very important factor. It is not only about retaining your data, but also about how much your data changes. If you have a backup every month and keep it for a year, this means that the retention goes back a maximum of a year and can result in a month's loss of data. It seemed like a good plan, but in practice it is not enough. Different backup strategies can make your data retention perform a lot better. In the Netherlands, SMEs are required to retain data that is directly linked to the added value of their products or services for at least 7 years. A backup of no more than 7 years is a big disappointment.

Yes, it is. It's all about the purpose of your data and its security. It can range from a data room for sharing data with multiple parties for a company takeover - but also setting up labels on data in Office 365 so that your company and your data are compliant for regulatory or legal purposes. Above all, you must be able to work safely. Efficiently without being at risk.

It's the other way around: why NOT go to the cloud? Cloud first, unless...' is the most modern strategy for your IT these days. The reason why you should do this varies from company to company. Think for example of security, performance, continuity, volatility, cost control, from OPEX to CAPEX, less uncertainties, focus on the core strategy of your company... These were some of the important motivations, but there are more. Do you want to know what your personal motivation is? Let us know and we will gladly think along with you.

Working safely is our top priority. It is not a core value, but an aorta that runs through our company. With 'secure by design', we continuously ensure that our products and our own internal processes are based on Safe Working and are also designed safely. The customer is our focus. We make complex IT matters simple; security and Safe Working are the basis for this.

Every customer request that has to do with security or rights to data/systems is always discussed with the person in your organisation who is authorised to do so. This may be a member of the board, an IT manager or another director. This way, this is neatly recorded and controlled. This prevents someone from borrowing someone else's password, temporarily accessing a colleague's mailbox or giving an external person access to the CRM software without this being desirable.

Ja dat is het zeker. Het zit vooral in ervaring en kennis opbouw. Dat is het verschil tussen het gewoon doen en het goed doen. Met ‘automation’ en ‘monitoring’ kun je veel efficiëntie behalen in prestaties en continuïteit. Hierin gaan wij bij Lime Networks erg ver om jouw bedrijf optimaal te laten presteren. Beveiliging is hierin misschien nog wel het belangrijkste. Zonder ervaring en kennis ontstaan onveilige situaties die je zelf niet (kunt) inzien. Daar ligt onze kracht. In de uitvoer is serveronderhoud niet zo heel veel werk, doordat wij hiervoor de juiste tools hebben. Zo voorkom je ook individuele fouten.

That your servers perform optimally and safely. Server management includes all activities to keep your server up-to-date with functional and security updates. We also monitor the server so that abnormal behaviour quickly becomes visible and can be remedied. In addition, with automation and scripting, we also ensure the security of your server and resolve many failures with an automatically generated solution. Very efficient. Control of back-ups and automatic control of the incidental restoring of data from a back-up or even an entire server.

Wrong. IT is complex and securing it is even more so. So it takes time, knowledge and skill to make you work in it safely - mostly in the background so you don't notice. 20 years ago, passwords were rare. 10 years ago, everyone knew some colleagues' passwords. 5 years ago, MFA was known but little used in SMEs. And we are only talking about passwords. We make IT simple for customers so that secure working becomes feasible and we can minimise your risks.

Wij kunnen niet al je gegevens inzien. Wij beheren wel veel zaken. Deze gegevens zijn natuurlijk veilig bij ons. Wij voldoen aan de AVG met een onderling contract en er zijn heldere algemene voorwaarden. Los daarvan hebben wij een ISO 27001-certificaat waarin allerlei risico’s, procedures en beveiligingszaken goed zijn afgekaart en gecontroleerd. Het ISO 27001-certificaat bevat ook maatregelen om elk jaar verbeteringen aan te brengen en bijvoorbeeld een verklaring omtrent goed gedrag van al ons personeel. Daarbuiten hebben wij ook heldere richtlijnen voor ons personeel met een personeelshandboek. De technische zaken die wij uitvoeren worden opgeslagen in logboeken, deze kunnen wij altijd overhandigen als we vragen zijn over de systemen. Heb je toch nog vragen hierover, neem contact op met je accountmanager.

Within your network, we make certain data flows transparent and can separate outsiders (guests) from your office network. The correct security settings prevent uninvited guests from gaining access. Your data can thus move safely across the network without restrictions or prying eyes.

Nothing at all. We take care of your IT from A to Z. IT simply has to be secure, perform and offer continuity. We do that for you, you don't need any knowledge about it. Of course, we are also happy to work with our customers' IT managers and/or IT support.

In the plan of approach we go deeper into this and ensure that personal data is and remains safe. We also provide insight into what happens to your data during and after the migration.

We don't believe in fixed contacts, one-sided knowledge and old-fashioned IT. You want 20 IT people for the price of one. You call our helpdesk and get immediate assistance. So you don't have to wait for that one day a week. Of course, every now and then we have work that we carry out at your office because hands on location are required. Would you like some support from a physical person? This is also possible, upon request. Through efficient support, we provide immediate help at a lower price.

Yes, we can. We can store them for you but if you don't want to we can also deliver them daily to your IT environment e.g. on an sFTP server. Please note: if you record conversations, you must either announce this or you can only use it for internal learning purposes. Unannounced is not legally valid.

For each project, the customer may give us a mark between 1 and 10. So here is the average in order to reflect it as fairly as possible.

Basically all the hardware you need for your workplace. A pc or laptop possibly with a docking station and optionally a monitor, printer, phone or other things that you need to do your job well.

Yes, we do. We have extensive experience with Azure, for example in storage, servers, SQL, virtual networks, WVD and all security, automation or secure access to your data. For example, a RemoteApp server in Azure. On this server, all your applications that are not yet in the cloud or cannot be in the cloud are safely and easily stored, even outside the office, while you can use them anywhere. We are happy to explain how the cloud also works for you.

The management, maintenance and security of all IT in your workplace/office is part of your company's management. So, for example, your pc or laptop, a docking station, a (VoIP) telephone and so on. These all need to be managed, i.e. secured, updated, monitored and supported by a professional helpdesk.

In the field of Windows-only services and servers, I think we can safely say: Yes! For other services that are generic, it is a different story. Microsoft is one of the market leaders. The diversity, reliability and security are together truly unique and unrivalled. Other cloud platforms undoubtedly have their own areas in which they excel. With Microsoft Azure you are safe in terms of pricing, performance, security and continuity for the future. That is why our preference and expertise lies with Microsoft Azure.

Ja! Je kan snel een eenvoudig een glasvezel krijgen, zonder langdurige contracten en hoge prijzen. Vergeet niet je huidige provider op te zeggen.

Cooperation is something that people do, not technology. Modern Work is not about people, but about removing the barriers that technology creates or used to create. By removing these barriers, you can really work together efficiently. So see Modern Working as a tool and especially as a catalyst.

Na afronding van het project stellen wij je 10 vragen over de planning en het verloop van het project (meerkeuze vragen). Daarnaast kun je ons een cijfer en een reactie geven hoe wij jou het volgende project nóg beter van dienst kunnen zijn. Projecten worden intern geëvalueerd om te kijken wat we de volgende keer beter kunnen doen. Wij willen een 10 van de klant.

Misschien kun je deelnemen via het account van je bedrijf, een collega, een vriend/vriendin of een andere kennis. Lukt het echt niet? Stuur ons even een berichtje. 

With MFA you have two ways of identification. This often comes down to login details (username and password) and a code via an app on your smartphone. Someone who has stolen your login details still can't log in to systems or services, because this also requires the code from your smartphone. Have you or your company/supplier been hacked? Then this need not be a problem. We use Microsoft Authenticator for this. The extra login codes are not your own systems but open. With the Microsoft app, you can therefore also set MFA on your Gmail account, your bank, Office 365, supplier of crypto currency or your Apple ID. It is a generic standard.

A fixed network is like a fuse box with groups; it is not one entity, but it is almost always segmented in order to channel all data. It is not a matter of plugging in cables and that's it. Planning and control are necessary to make everything work properly. You do that with VLANS, QoS, Spanning Tree etc; not so simple. Monitoring data for security and detecting possible problems is also essential if you have problems. Also, if things go wrong with connected devices, cables or defective equipment, you need to have insight so you can react quickly. To gain this insight, you must be able to see live usage and all settings. And not just over a single device but over the entire network. So it is really complex if you want to do it right.

Je belt of e-mailt onze helpdesk en wij gaan je helpen. Mocht er iets stuk zijn bij de leverancier of aan onze apparatuur dan kun je rekenen op onze GOLD-SLA. Dat betekent dat wij of de leverancier binnen 4 uur op locatie zijn om het probleem te verhelpen of de defecte apparatuur om te wisselen. (010-2121806 / helpdesk@limenetowrks.nl)

At Lime Networks we work according to the ISO 27001 standard. This means that we have thought about physical and virtual security and have actively set up our processes accordingly. This is improved annually and checked by the TüV. You can read more about ISO here: https://limenetworks.nl/iso We use our knowledge of IT and security to make your environment as safe as possible. From your workplace, your fixed and Wi-Fi network, your servers, smartphones and cloud services.

  • IT is the core of your competitive position
  • We take the complexity out of IT
  • It is cheaper than doing your IT yourself
  • IT is no longer a core task
  • We don't just advise, we actually do the work
  • We are innovative and always up-to-date
  • You don't have to worry about IT anymore
  • Less stress, more efficiency

We focus on the SME segment up to 250 workstations. We do not exclude any branch of industry; every company with IT needs is welcome.

Yes, the technology is ready. We often hear from customers that there are some doubts, e.g. about logistics, how modern the company is or about specific wishes and requirements. We will be happy to explain that there are already solutions to this problem. Call us for an intake and explanation of a ready-made solution. Cost savings, efficiency and security often go hand in hand with a modern cloud solution.

The action plan contains a clear description of what we are going to do, how long it will take and what the impact will be on you, your work and the company.

That differs per company. If you are using Office 365 and Teams, you will continue to work with your files. Functions such as working live on the same document are temporarily on hold, but you can continue to work as usual. Are you more dependent on internet access, for example because of cloud services such as applications, databases or WVD? Then it is wise to prepare for this with a redundant internet connection (a back-up connection that takes over if your main connection fails). Certainly at your office location, this is no superfluous luxury. Of course, we can help you with this, so that you can continue working in the event of a failure.

Get an enterprise PBX and all the features that go with it. Queues, waiting queues, hunt groups, call forwarding, everything on times and schedules, holidays/free days, CDR records, hot-desking, groups, call-pickup and so on. Basically, everything you want and/or need. Want more details? Then take a look at our brochure on the 'Telephony' page. Oh yes... you can also use your mobile phone. No need for a landline!

A network does not consist only of equipment and cables. Securing your data, the performance of all users on the network and the continuity of your business are essential. We make this simple for you, for a fixed amount per month. We are here to take care of all the tricky stuff without complicated invoices or you having to pay for every change. Simple, safe and taken care of.

A firewall protects your network, but also controls a large part of the data on your network and all the data coming in and going out of the office. This data must be transparent and well protected. Moreover, this data must be prioritised in order to work well together. In addition, you need to make updates to keep security up to date with both the software and the settings. Securing one firewall is quite difficult, because it takes a lot of time. But if, like us, you manage more than a hundred, then it becomes easy.

eXperience Level Agreement -> IT traditionally focuses on improving processes. XLA is a mindset for (re)designing people-centric IT services and processes.

That is a sober approach. But with your data, your company or others may be considerably disadvantaged. So always pay attention to how and where you share data.

You can get a login for your online environment. Here you can control everything. If you do need help, our knowledgeable and passionate helpdesk is there for you and we have an extensive user manual. So if you want to get started yourself, nothing will stand in your way.

Because at Lime Networks we are refreshing in our approach, preparation and execution of projects and migrations. In the past 3 years we have delivered 100% of our projects successfully. Even better: we received an 8.4 from our customers as final mark. By making clear agreements in a clear project plan, things just don't go wrong.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Azure is a set of services on the Internet. The moment you are offline you are not physically connected. With Office 365, for example, you can continue working with data offline if you use OneDrive. Technically, Office 365 is a cloud service that uses Microsoft's cloud.

We will set up IT so that you can get on with it and be one step ahead of the competition. Whether it's telephony or Wi-Fi, our helpdesk is ready to solve any IT problem. With a highly skilled and passionate team, no IT problem is too big and we ensure efficiency and security.

With Office 365, your company network and/or back-up software, we ensure that you do not lose any data - not even in the event of defects, theft or loss of hardware. It's all about you being able to do your work efficiently and with peace of mind.

That depends very much on the work and on what exactly the client wants. The path from an initial proposal to a plan of approach can already take place within a week. Writing a plan of approach also often takes no more than a week. The planning or speed of the project is agreed with the customer. So, whether you want to get started quickly or whether you prefer a step-by-step approach with extensive consultation, you determine this as the client. We always give you the best advice with the experience of 100+ projects, so that you are well informed.

Inzenden kan t/m vrijdag 28 januari 23.59u (Nederlandse tijd). 

We use various tools to support you with insight into your current IT, customer satisfaction and planning for the future.

A wireless network is not about megabits or technical terms. It is about much more than that. A Wi-Fi network is already slower than a wired network, but if you have many users you need to plan, measure and estimate your usage in advance. If you have several floors or offices with many walls and/or furniture, it is good to have experience in this. If you have a warehouse with a lot of shelving, that's when it gets really tricky. We make sure that all the technology is really effective and comfortable to work with. Leave the technology, the measuring and the setting up of the cooperation to us. We make it easy for you.

Heel snel! Wij zorgen ervoor dat je binnen 10 dagen werkend glasvezel hebt. Wil je een andere snelheid? Dan maken wij het meteen in orde.

A plan of action and a tender cost a lot of attention and work if you want to do it right. Sometimes you first want to know how we are going to work together and what you can expect. Also what the costs are at a detailed level without us already working together. In that case, we always make an 'indicative proposal' first, in which we clearly explain how we see the ideal solution, what you can expect from it and what it will cost. A clear, fresh and well-organised plan, sometimes even two if you really cannot choose between two solutions. Then you have enough input to make a solid decision that is best for your business.

In totaal hebben we 250 paar sokken beschikbaar dus wees er snel bij! 

Don't worry, don't panic. Your data is safe. With Bitlocker and our security policies, no one can get to the data, even if you disassemble the laptop. If your pc is connected to the internet, we can still wipe it clean. We immediately make sure that you can get to work on a loan laptop from your company or perhaps another workplace. Sometimes you can even access everything via the Internet at any workstation or at home. The delivery of a new pc or laptop is immediately arranged, so you will soon have the comfort of your own workplace again.

We have written a blog in which we give five tips for working safely at home.

Read the blog 'Working at home in connection with corona? Here's how to do it safely!

With internet/VoIP, calling is much more complicated than before via the ISDN line. Seamless use of your mobile, both privately and in combination with your telephone exchange, should be efficient and simple. And if you have questions or need help, you want to speak to someone directly. Therefore choose Lime Networks. It must be refreshing.

By using IPS/IDS, you have a good basis for working unwanted things off your network and making your data flows on your network transparent with measurement. This is part of the standard services.

Yes, you can. Outside office hours you can reach us on exactly the same phone number as during the day. With premium contracts, you will be helped without having to pay extra. We always do regular work during office hours, but if you really need us, we are there for you with a tight SLA so that you can continue as soon as possible. If you do not have a premium contract, we will help you on the basis of best effort at an adjusted rate. You do not have to do anything for this.

An IT supplier is often reactive to customer queries. This can be very useful. However, you see that building up knowledge in IT within companies is often difficult due to tunnel vision on your own company. With an IT partner, you get more help in making important decisions in IT and steering for the medium and long term. You are never alone with a partner.

We are flexible in the process of implementing an action plan. After consultation with the project manager and the person in charge of the project in your company, we make adjustments to the plan of approach. After determining the additional work and the impact, this provides insight so that we can proceed quickly. You are not ankle-deep in concrete. We have to go on for the long haul.

An XLA helps the IT manager with insight and direct feedback, but also staff with bottlenecks that may not always be obvious, or things that are simply missed in daily IT management. It also allows a manager/board of directors to better put wishes and frustrations on the table outside of daily IT in a natural way. Proactive management, security, continuity, monitoring... it is all useful and necessary. But you also have to deal with people. There is still a great deal of profit to be made in this area.

That we take you through various issues to gain insight into your IT in the short, medium and long term. This can include planning, security, concrete IT solutions, but also goals, how IT will contribute to your growth strategy and knowledge to achieve these goals.

Het contract met bijbehorende licenties moet uitgezeten worden bij de huidige partner. Als partners bij zelfde leverancier zitten kan deze hierin mogelijk wat betekenen. Het alternatief; een afkoop, bestaat uit de volledige kosten van het huidige contract. We kunnen altijd met de nieuwe partij overleggen om de het huidige contract voort te zetten en administratieve rechten toe te voegen aan de Microsoft portal voor de nieuwe IT-partner. Laten we het vooral fris samen oplossen.

In the project, we take into account the availability, access and rights to your data as agreed in the plan of action. We also show where migration data is stored and how we arrange the destruction of data. For the processing of all data and personal data, we have an agreement that sets out in detail what the agreements are. Our ISO certification indicates that we have an ISMS (Information Security Management System) in place for these procedures, so that it functions properly and is monitored. An ISMS indicates how we deal with information security. This also applies to you and your data that we process for you within the GDPR.

Do you still have a good firewall or wireless network managed by another party? If so, feel free to continue using them. Mixing different products within the components (fixed or Wi-Fi) is not desirable, so we do not do that. Do you already have equipment from the same supplier? If so, we will take it over and at the same time take over the responsibility, guarantee handling et cetera.

Yes, we do! Do you have your own helpdesk or do you have some knowledge in house? Then start with endpoint support or call us if your IT person is on holiday, unavailable or ill. Are you short of hands or do you want to start a big project? We help you wherever you want, just as easily. Sometimes it is also very useful to hire some ready knowledge on subjects you are less strong in.

Are you in the office? Then you can disconnect your device from the power supply or give it a factory reset. After a few minutes, everything will work as it used to. Is the phone not responding at all? Then you can sit down at another workstation and call from your extension by logging into that phone. It's that simple. If your phone is really broken, we will send you a new one. It works immediately so no installation problems. If necessary, we will plug it into your network for you, if that is what you want.

Of course, we support all known techniques for controlling and securing your network and the data sent over it. This is included in our standard service, even if you sometimes have changes.

Wij zien het netwerk als het systeem dat de computers, printers en overige IT met elkaar verbindt bij jou op kantoor, om gebruik te kunnen maken van het internet. Denk aan de firewall, het vaste netwerk en het Wi-Fi netwerk.
Volgens Wikipedia: “Een computernetwerk is een systeem voor communicatie tussen twee of meer computers.” De communicatie verloopt via netwerkkabels of via een draadloos netwerk. In de netwerktopologie worden fysieke en logische topologieën onderscheiden. Men spreekt van een LAN in het geval van lokale plaatsgebonden bekabeling waarop computers binnen één gebouw of een campus aangesloten worden en een WAN wanneer er sprake is van verbindingen over grotere afstanden.

When we think of a server, we think of a piece of hardware with software on it that 'serves' one or more services on the network. With a virtual server, the software is packed into a single file. We call this a 'container'. Several containters can also be active at the same time on one physical server. They behave as real individual servers. These containers/virtual servers are easy to move to other physical hardware.

If you have a second pc or laptop, we secure this endpoint just as well as the first. Your helpdesk contract also applies to this endpoint and the aim is to work in exactly the same way in both places wherever possible.

With the availability matrix or with the preset schedules, you can automatically deliver your calls somewhere else. Here you can indeed set up your secretary to answer the phone when you are in a meeting, on holiday, taking the dog for a walk or absent for some other reason.

Above all, gaining insight into how we can give your company and your staff a better experience in IT resources and use. So creating insight, making improvements and above all measuring progress.

Good. We have not (yet) been hit by the virus and are working at virtually full strength. We have, however, adhered to RIVM guidelines and part of the team is working from home. We will keep you informed about what you can expect from us for IT services. For the time being, we stick to the principle that 'no news is good news'.

With every new customer and/or project, we always make a plan of approach first. A thorough inventory on site and the elaboration of all facets (preparation, installation, configuration) including the impact on your company and employees are clearly described herein. We only start work if you agree to it. So it is clear what we do, when and why. This should prevent your company from having difficulty making the switch.

  1. One backup is no backup.
  2. Zorg minimaal voor drie kopieën van je data, op 2 verschillende locaties waarvan één minimaal beveiligd.
  3. Check regularly that it really works and the data can be restored.

Yes, we do. It doesn't matter whether you work on a server, a cloud service, locally or via a mail server. We can migrate all your data, e-mail and settings to Office 365. That way, we can take you and your colleagues through the efficient use of the new Modern Work environment.

With our cloud controllers, each branch office of your company gets its own controller for the network. With a central management for security, updates, monitoring and configuration, all components can be closely monitored and measured. In the event of a failure, notifications are automatically generated in our management systems and engineers automatically set to work to ensure the optimal performance of your network.

With a proposal, we make an offer for a project and a plan of approach. With a plan of approach, we take a detailed inventory and write out all the activities in detail. If you agree on this plan of approach, it is clear that the project is fixed and so is the quote for the project. This way, the costs for hardware, licences, labour and possible maintenance contracts are clear before the project starts.

Everyone has their own workstation. Sometimes with a cactus or Bonsai tree, sometimes with an extra screen, a printer, a wireless keyboard, a scanner, connected to Wi-Fi, a docking station, a (VoIP) telephone and you name it. But the most important thing is your pc or laptop. That is the core of your workplace. So we are not talking about your physical desk, but the IT side of the story.

We work together with all internet providers and all services on them. Sometimes with the intervention of additional equipment from your supplier such as modems or routers. As far as we can see, there are no restrictions.

You pay for a user of the telephone exchange (fixed and/or mobile), for your call minutes (or you buy them off) and, if you want, for refreshing service. If you have questions or want to see something adjusted in the telephone exchange, we help you. Smart engineers who know what to do. No 'closet to the wall' story, but nice people who help you immediately.

At first glance, this appears to be the case. The cost is often a combination of computing power, memory, storage, redundancy, availability, licences, and so on. It is complex to see, but you can often be much more efficient and by definition better prepared for fluctuations (volatility) and redundancy.

Engage more with your customers. This will lead to more cooperation and a better quality result, with more value for the customer.

One-size-fITs-all, oftewel 38-44. Overigens passen mensen met maat 36 of 45 ze ooktried and tested! 

If you work in the cloud, then that is the basis for your data. With Office 365, for example, your data is safe in the cloud at Microsoft. Think of Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform. Think also of SharePoint (don't worry... it's only used as storage... you don't have to work with it) and OneDrive to make your data available everywhere.

So many people, so many opinions. Your account manager will be happy to talk to you if you have a difference of opinion about contracts, agreements, invoices or other matters. We always provide a quick and good solution with an eye on the long term.

Yes, it does. An XLA must eventually replace an SLA. In fact, an XLA should make an SLA redundant. We don't throw our agreements overboard just like that.

Je kunt meedoen via Instagram of LinkedIn, dus als je geen LinkedIn account hebt dan kun je die aanmaken of meedoen via Instagram. 

No, like almost all services of Lime Networks you pay per month. So you are not stuck with anything. Even if your company needs a different solution we will help you with a smooth transition including documentation, advice and helpdesk.

Yes, it has a beginning and an end and a one-off character. A project can be the start of a long-term cooperation with maintenance contracts, which are monthly.

Yes and no. Cloud in itself has no security. Apart from the fact that on the outside (and sometimes on the inside) it is not visible what the physical location of your data is in the whole. But the more fish in the sea, the more fishermen on the water & the bigger the fish, the more effort one puts in to catching it. So it is with valuable data. So a cloud service is a valuable object for hackers because of the large amount of data. Your network is much less interesting.

There are various possibilities for this, whether your company consists of 10 employees or 1000. Take the app on your desktop or the connection to your CRM system, for example. That gives a lot of insight. Do you have a small environment? Then we have a device with a large screen with buttons that show the availability and names of your colleagues and/or departments. Need more? Then we have extra modules for next to your phone with even more buttons and lights. Do you need a really large number of buttons (100+)? Then we have an application on your pc where you can set everything up custom and on a separate screen on your pc you can see your colleagues and connect to them directly. Of course, you can work on your device or on your pc with a headset that leaves your hands free and also allows you to walk at least 50 metres away from your workstation. You can also use your smartphone to answer calls if you need to take care of something. You can always transfer the call you are making to/from any of your devices you are calling.

Nobody knows the law book by heart; everyone hires a lawyer when necessary. We fulfil the same function, but in the field of IT and without the jargon. A clear story with clear communication to supplement your knowledge where necessary. Do you need to know everything? No, we do that for you. But always remain critical and use your own common sense. That will get you a long way. We solve the really technical issues for you.

A vCIO is the abbreviation for virtual Chief Information Officer.

  • Elk licentie type is een los contract(E1,M365BP)
  • Elke termijn is ook een los contract(M365BP Yearly, M365 BP Monthly)
  • Bij een toevoeging wordt een licentie “co-termed” dus zelfde afloop datum als het originele contract

Contracts provide clear agreements and service when you need it. Predictability in your costs without surprises. We go that extra mile, because it offers certainty for everyone. Whether you save money in the long term? We do not think so. But you do get the service and expertise when you need us. And if things go wrong, you are not left with high costs or doubts about whether or not you should hire someone. We believe in relationships, not contracts. With us, all contracts can be terminated per month - unless a supplier imposes otherwise, such as for a fibre-optic connection. This way, you can benefit from the advantages without being tied down to anything and the costs are predictable.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We truly believe in taking care of the customer. We do this with experience, knowledge, safe working practices and, above all, a focus on you, the customer. Communication is at least 50% of our success. So if we want to strengthen you, we have to play top sport in the field of IT. Refreshing in IT, that's what we call it.

This is a cloud service provided by Microsoft. You can make use of various services and products depending on your subscription. The most well-known are:

  • Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) on your pc, Mobile/Tablet or online
  • Exchange mailbox online from 50-100GB
  • 1TB opslag voor bedrijfsdata (per bedrijf) via SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business with 1TB storage per person for private use and pc backup
  • Microsoft Teams for collaboration (chat, audio/video conferencing) and as a hub for data, applications and communication between various Office 365 components and external (cloud) software/services.
  • Various online Apps for better collaboration and productivity: Planner, OneNote, To-Do, Stream, Sway and many more
  • Microsoft Power Platform. Power Automate: automate tasks across all Office 365 components without programming skills
  • PowerApps: build your own applications online to extend and customise Office 365 or to develop complete applications or connections to existing applications

We deliver everything zero-touch for perfect calling, which means you can start using it right away. Want to know exactly how that works? Then send an e-mail to verfrissend@limenetworks.nl or call us for an appointment on 010-2121806

To create secure connections to your network, cloud service or data centre, we provide solutions for optimal connectivity. We handle the technology; sometimes in combination with your IT department, supplier or external service provider.

Our prices are always the same for everyone. However, sending you a price list is difficult. Of course, we will inform you about the prices of products if you have any questions. Our services and products are not always about the price or what you get, but about what value these services add and what problems they solve. That is how your business can remain competitive.

We can use our services for IT projects that get stuck, migrations that (threaten to) fail, capacity problems with internal staff or logistical problems. Think of successfully deploying hardware and software at the right time and in the right place. Sometimes you need a little extra help.

Je kunt meedoen via Instagram of LinkedIn, dus als je geen Instagram account hebt dan kun je die aanmaken of meedoen via LinkedIn. 

Dan zijn wij er natuurlijk ook voor je. Stel dat je bijvoorbeeld wordt gehackt, dan zorgen wij er direct voor dat de aanval gestopt wordt en dat logfiles en sporen zo veel mogelijk behouden blijven. Zo kunnen wij zien wat de impact is van de aanval en welke gegevens mogelijk zijn buitgemaakt. Dit helpt vaak in het proces van inzicht of bij de verzekering. Wij werken met standaard procedures waarbij we op een zelfde methodiek aan de slag gaan om problemen op te lossen.  Ook kan het waardevol zijn met forensisch onderzoek. Het zou vervelend zijn als een hack (zonder dat gegevens zijn buitgemaakt) leidt tot een excuusbrief aan al je klanten of leveranciers en imagoschade.

Collaborate anywhere, anytime, without technical limitations.

First of all, we help you with information about what it is, how it can work for you and we show you how it works in practice. With thorough planning, we help you with the technology and give you direction and concrete help on how to start and staff with change. After that, we help you with daily support for questions, breakdowns and changes.

Organisations are filled with procedures, KPIs and frameworks, but often forget the human experience. Documents with rules and Service Level Agreements (SLA) should make work easier, but actually do not. SLA works from control, while XLA works from trust. XLA is a mindset that helps to shift the focus to the end-user experience and to put emotions first.

With Managed Services, you get premium support as standard. That includes almost everything. Do you have a contract for our traditional IT services? Then you can rest assured that we do everything to maintain the service properly and make preventive adjustments. From a technical point of view, it has to work and we make sure it does. Installation work and adjustments required by third parties are not included in the contract. These matters cannot be determined or estimated in advance. Do you have a premium contract? Then we can make agreements about that and call-out charges and costs if you have a server failure or virus/hacking are also included. We are there for you without the extra costs.

Wij mogen alles migreren maar doen wij dit ook? Uiteraard migreren wij alleen zaken waar wij ervaring mee hebben en die bij ons bekend zijn. Speciale wensen zijn er altijd en daar helpen wij je bij. Kunnen of mogen wij onderdelen van het project of de migratie niet zelf doen, dan werken wij samen met jou en/of andere leveranciers. Het doel is om jouw (complexe) IT simpel te maken zodat het voor jouw bedrijf gewoon werkt. In de inventarisatie en plan van aanpak-fase maken wij hier heldere, concrete afspraken over.

We all know voicemail and it works the same with us. If you have a smartphone with iOS or Android, you can use the Reach app. It allows you to view all your voicemails, listen to them directly, delete them and fast forward or rewind them. Visually from your screen without all sorts of complicated menus with quick choices that we can't remember. Super convenient.

No, definitely not. An IT manager has many tasks but often too little time. Also, knowledge building can sometimes be difficult or the IT manager is subject to one-sided knowledge building within the framework of your company. We bring diversity of knowledge and experience to the table and help your IT manager where necessary. Cooperation is more the motto. If you do not have an IT manager, we will take on this role if required.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer's IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, usually on a proactive basis and according to a subscription model.

Microsoft Teams is een applicatie die onderdeel is van Office 365. Je kunt hiermee communiceren (chat, audio, video), je zakelijke (team)data benaderen en connectie maken met overige Office 365 applicaties. Daarnaast kun je verbinding leggen met allerlei externe (cloud) applicaties zoals bijvoorbeeld: Trello, Asana, CRM, PowerBI, Jira, etc. Microsoft Teams is zo dus een verzamelplek voor je dagelijkse werk, communicatie en samenwerken met anderen.

Alle lijnen worden geleverd met een Gold-SLA van de glasvezelleverancier en van Lime Networks. Wij zijn verantwoordelijk voor locatie gebonden apparatuur en de leverancier voor alle glasvezel in de grond. Wij zijn beide binnen 4 uur aanwezig op locatie in het geval van een storing.

An endpoint is a pc or laptop that your company uses in the company network. This can be a computer behind a desk connected to a presentation screen, but also a computer in a meeting room or belonging to a temporary employee. They all need to be managed, secured and supported.

  • Records of hardware, licences, warranty, age and so on and who uses the computer
  • Security with Bitlocker, antivirus/antimalware or EDR software, security policies, OS security updates and security updates of 1,000+ programs
  • Updates of the OS, of 1,000+ programs, of the antivirus/antimalware or EDR program, of drivers
  • Management with NAble. For example, we take care of active management of the pc and all settings so that we can (measurably!) make and keep your workplace operational. Also a good control for all measures we take with reporting
  • Automation that can prevent more than 50% of all PC problems. Even when things go wrong, many problems can be solved automatically. For example, restarting a jammed process, repairing your search index, cleaning up the pc or automatically repairing log messages.

Nee, deze wijzigingen hebben geen binding met AZURE.

Je krijgt standaard 1 vast IP-adres bij jouw glasvezelverbinding. Heb je meer adressen nodig, dan kun je die altijd bijbestellen. De kosten zijn €4,- per maand en de extra IP-adressen zijn maandelijks opzegbaar. Bestel ze mee met je aanvraag of stuur een e-mail naar helpdesk@limenetworks.nl om ze bij te bestellen.

Sure, we'll show you how to get the most out of the cloud - no matter how complex or simple your IT environment. We'll give you insight into efficiency, costs and ways of working so you can be future-proof and modern. IT is complex, and so is the cloud. We make it simple for you by providing insight and taking you to a working solution.

Wij zorgen ervoor dat de servers veilig en up-to-date zijn met speciale software (DATTORMM) en een team van professionals. Zij zetten slimme scripting, automatisering en een gestandaardiseerd updateproces in. Tevens worden veelvoorkomende problemen geautomatiseerd opgelost. Mocht het toch ergens niet goed gaan, dan worden er automatisch meldingen gemaakt en pakken wij deze vlot aan.

Our hourly rate is linked to the maintenance contract you have with us. We want to reward regular customers with a low hourly rate. This hourly rate also applies to projects.

All projects and migrations continue for the time being. We do everything we can to see them through efficiently. Office visits are minimised and rescheduled to a time that we and you are comfortable with.

Yes and no. Services and servers in the cloud have an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Services are the responsibility of the supplier. If we put a customer's server in the cloud, maintenance is almost as important as putting a server in the office. There are many advantages to the cloud (higher uptime, quickly adding capacity, a high degree of redundancy, delivering performance even when hardware fails, etc.) but the maintenance of your server remains a customer affair. Of course, we take care of that! We also advise you well, so that you can optimise your costs and get the most out of the cloud without paying too much.

Once the background is in place, you're ready to go. Whether you work on your Apple laptop in a coffee shop, on your iPad at home or with a Microsoft workstation in the office. You can work with virtually any solution anywhere. That is the essence of modern working. No complicated security. It is simple and cleverly arranged. Employees can get to work without any problems and do not have to worry about security or data. With an internet connection, you can work immediately, even if you are not working on your own pc.

Do you have wishes or questions about what you can do yourself because, for example, you have IT staff or someone who can help? Discuss this with your account manager. We will be happy to take all project concerns off your hands, but we can also work with your IT department or other personnel who can help.

Working safely is a top-class sport. But your employees are not all top sportsmen. It is a complex problem that cannot be solved just like that. Your company has to deliver and your people have to perform. So you need help from someone with experience and focus on safe working. A reliable IT party can be a good starting point. They arrange the basics and help you further with safety, where necessary specifically in your company. For example, with procedures for staff turnover or the physical security of your company.

We go for performance, continuity and security. The first step is an inventory, in which we look at how IT is currently used, how it can be used better and what our role is in this. What is the request for help and what value can we add? If we are on the same wavelength, we will propose a plan of action, so you will not be faced with any surprises. This way, you know exactly what we are going to do, how, what effects this will have, who is going to do what, when and how much it will cost. Adoption is also part of this. Then we implement it. Think of security, installation and migration. The exact course of this differs per company. The helpdesk is always there for you and helps you immediately. Transparency, trust and problem-solving are paramount throughout the process.

Yes, we all can. Whether you have subscriptions for your landline and/or mobile phone, whether you mix private and business use, or whether you are even on different providers... It's all right, we will help you make the transition to the best solution as easy as possible.

Azure is Microsoft's suite of cloud services. This is about renting servers, databases, storage, AI, IOT and hundreds of different things to move your IT services to the cloud in the background. We help you with choices, advice, cost control, migration to it and the management and advice once it's up and running.

Zeker. Office 365 kent veel technieken die zorgen voor beveiliging van toegang, aanpassen of delen van data. Ook het sturen en controleren van deze processen zijn onderdeel van het ecosysteem om te kunnen voldoen aan regelgeving. Wil je hier meer van weten of eens zien hoe dit werkt? Wees vrij om ons te bellen voor een afspraak.

Bij Azure betaal je bijna altijd voor het gebruik van een dienst. De kosten zijn voor het directe verbruik. Neem een server, daar betaal je per tijdseenheid (minuten). Of bijvoorbeeld opslag, daar betaal je per GigaByte. Hierin zitten gelijk licenties voor bijvoorbeeld Windows server of toegangslicenties voor gebruik van de dienst. Heb je meer nodig, dan betaal je iets meer; heb je minder nodig dan betaal je ook echt minder. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld een server in het weekend uitzetten als je deze niet nodig hebt. Super handig! De kosten zijn ook altijd een resultaat van een casus of een onderzoek bij een klant. Wij kunnen vrij goed een kostenberekening maken maar het is wel specifiek per klant/oplossing. Prijzen voor alle diensten zijn te vinden op de website van Azure en openbaar. Tevens kun je daar een berekening maken en live aanpassen zodat het inzicht in de kosten heel helder is. Producten op langere termijn aanschaffen zorgt voor meer kortingen.

This differs per provider. With us, it means that your SIM card and therefore your mobile phone are behind the switchboard. So everything on your landline also works on your mobile - if you want it to. Call forwarding, call waiting, transferring calls, picking up calls and 100 other functions. It all works perfectly with any mobile device without apps and complexities. PS We do have a mobile app (iOS/Android), but you control your account with it so you don't have to log in online. Very easy.

Yes, you can. For support call us on 010-2121806 or e-mail to helpdesk@limenetworks.nl.

Each customer has a dedicated account manager. He knows your situation and all our solutions. He helps you with questions and advice on IT-related matters. Your account manager also has knowledge of many SME companies that he works with. If you are thinking about new business, you consult with him. He can often help you with tips or direction. For all other matters of a technical nature, contact the helpdesk.

Azure is the umbrella name for Microsoft's cloud platform. Microsoft's Office 365 services use Microsoft's data centres and cloud. So they work together.

  • Easily replace the hardware under the container
  • Moving the container if the hardware breaks down
  • Placing multiple containers on one physical server
  • Keep the physical server on standby.

If a physical server breaks down, you can quickly deploy one or more virtual servers by moving them to it.

... And much more. Virtualisation/virtual servers are an evolution in IT. The cloud also benefits enormously from this. Would you like to know more about it? Give us a call.

You pay a fixed amount per component per month - literally for a firewall, a switch and a Wi-Fi point. For this, we provide advice on security, network design and what you need to think about or make choices in. We write a plan of action so you know exactly what is going to happen, by whom, when and what the impact is for your business. We install, secure and test the network. The Wi-Fi is measured in detail with a test report. We maintain and continue to secure the network and monitor it during use; actively with a portal in the cloud. In case of user problems we have a full-service helpdesk and in case of failure we are quickly on location with replacement hardware. Updates for functionality, security and reporting are part of the monthly service. And software licences, updates and additional support are included at our premium level.

The cloud is certainly safe. In the case of Azure, Microsoft tries to comply with as many guidelines as possible such as ISO and NEN. Your specific services must also be secured, of course. If your virtual servers or services are connected to the internet so that others can see them or if staff can directly access the services, then you must secure them against unauthorised use. This is often easier than having them in the office, but it has to be done.

Dat kan.
Een gedeelte van de licenties onderbrengen in een jaar contract en gedeelte in maandcontracten. Bijvoorbeeld voor tijdelijke krachten of seizoensgebonden krachten. Neem contact op met je accountmanager om dit goed te bespreken.

The aim is to actually gain productivity. Complaining employees at the coffee machine, a dissatisfied management or an IT manager who does not get around to really important things. That is where the profit lies. The fact that this occasionally costs a little time and attention is more than recouped.

The costs for your project are almost always based on fixed price and described in the plan of action. Possible additional wishes and/or requirements can only be communicated and approved by the contact person of your company. Any additional costs will be approved in an 'additional work' quotation before they are discussed in detail. In this way, the costs of your project will not fly out of the window.

Heel erg veilig. Dit doen ze door data opslag en het versturen van data te beveiligen. LastPass beveiligt jouw data, verstuurt het encrypted , slaat dit encrypted op en laat jou MFA gebruiken voor het gebruiken van deze data. Jouw inloggegevens en data zijn dus in deze procedure absoluut veilig. Daarnaast hebben ze een helder bountyprogramma voor bugs, waardoor jij en andere gebruikers fouten direct kunnen melden. LastPass blijft dus niet stilzitten totdat er iets misgaat maar werkt continu aan verbeteringen om de veiligheid te optimaliseren.

Well, opinions sometimes differ on that. The technology and the security are of course well taken care of in Azure. Much better than in the office. Still, you need to maintain your servers well, even if they are in Azure with good server management(read our blog about this). We are talking about virtual servers. Especially if you provide virtual server services that are connected to the internet or provide your staff with services. Azure also excels in physical security and emergency scenarios. Think for example of theft, fire, disasters, sabotage, and so on. This much higher level of security is why we are fans of Azure.

By greatly simplifying IT and concentrating on the solutions we offer, we help customers with their problems. By focusing on taking care of the customer and not the solution, standard solutions are configured for the customer. By working according to standards, agreements and concentrating on communication, we ensure customer understanding and a pleasant experience. IT is often complex and at Lime Networks we make it simple for you.

You don't have to. With Bitlocker you can neatly secure the data on your laptop against theft. A stolen laptop is no problem this way and data stays safe. Did you know that we can remotely erase your data in case of theft, provided your stolen laptop or phone is connected to the internet? The decryption codes are stored by us in your business environment so that in case of an emergency or hard disk replacement, the data can be safely read again.

  • A piece of software for managing your pc/laptop which also monitors and reports
  • In addition, an antivirus/antimalware package
  • An update strategy that ensures that all components (hardware, software, security) are up-to-date
  • Finally, a full-service helpdesk with passionate IT people who will help you promptly if you encounter problems or if something is not working as it should.

Je belt met onze helpdesk. Zelfs buiten kantooruren als je daarvoor een overeenkomst hebt. De helpdesk helpt je direct waar dit kan en informeert je per e-mail over alle stappen. Met een goede registratie in ’tickets’ kan je later ook nog eens terugkijken.

Yes, with an easy step-by-step plan, we will switch you to Teams in one go. This way, you can quickly start using Modern Work and your staff will perform better. Whether you work on the Google cloud platform, on a server in the office or often with external parties, it's all in the box for us! The important thing is your staff. The technology is not even half of the story, it's about how you can work with it. It remains people work. We help you with tips, tricks, presentations and manuals. With our helpdesk next door, you can always rely on someone helping you with questions.

Take a network, for example. If you build and manage a network, you have to standardise on security. By minimising the number of variations in the number of solutions, you can spend more time on testing, settings, basic configurations with optimal security, documentation. Also, different configuration options for customers are now much better researched and easier to support and secure. We research different security options and engage third parties to verify them. A setup that is properly standardised and configured reduces security risks and makes installation in the office much faster. We then provide controlled and timely updates to the software and settings. We monitor and measure what happens on your network. This way, it is easier to see when things go wrong. Separating guests, customers and non-company equipment from the company network is also essential to prevent abuse. We regularly review and adjust security for all customers in a single operation through central control. Finally, configurations are neatly stored and backed up. This way, you can immediately install replacement equipment if things ever go wrong. Secure by design' is not a method or a set of measures. It has to be in your DNA. This is how we at Lime Networks make the most complex IT simple.

Of course, we understand that requirements or wishes may change during a project. In your company, one person is our contact person for the project. He or she will contact the project manager and he or she will make sure that your change is processed properly, if possible with an 'extra work' offer.

Hierboven zie je de prijzenpot van 2021.

Of course, you can continue to work locally. However, in the cloud you can protect personal data just as well as on a local server. Especially when it comes to security and availability, the cloud can offer a solution. Don't let the AVG be an obstacle to the cloud, but rather a strength with which you can achieve more than before. Take security to the outside world or theft, for example. The cloud can do that much better.

Jazeker! Wij leveren IT-diensten voor het MKB, want IT moet gewoon werken zodat het jou een concurrentievoordeel geeft. IT moet simpel en veilig zijn. Jij moet verzorgd worden door gepassioneerdere mensen die helder communiceren. Blader even verder door onze website voor meer info wat wij nog voor je kunnen doen.

Nee hoor, dat hoeft niet! Iedereen mag meedoen, dus ook jouw oma of cavia. Je mag zelf kiezen of je jouw post vanuit zakelijk of persoonlijk oogpunt plaatst, dus of je het vanuit het bedrijf doet of vanuit jezelf.  

  • Elk licentie type is een los contract(M365 E3, M365BP etc.)
  • Elke termijn is ook een los contract (M365BP jaarlijks, M365 BP maandelijks)
  • Bij een toevoeging wordt een licentie in een bestaand contract is de einddatum  “co-termed”. Zo heeft de nieuwe licentie dezelfde afloopdatum als het originele contract. (loopt het contract met 10 licenties af op 1 december en voeg je in november 2 licenties toe dan lopen alle licenties op 1 december af)
  • Binnen een de contractstermijn (maand, jaar, 3 jaar) kun je licenties toevoegen maar niet in mindering brengen op het contract
  • Maand licenties hebben een uplift van +20% op de jaarprijs
  • Met prijsbescherming ben je zeker van een vaste prijs gedurende de contractstermijn

LastPass provides a safe place for storing passwords, a kind of password vault that you can only access with a master password. It also helps you in your daily work with logging into websites and services. It works on your desktop PC or laptop and on your smartphone. It is free to use. It allows you to work securely with complex passwords so that this becomes very difficult. The paid variant is also useful for business purposes. You can create and manage accounts for a supplier or a social media account, for example, and share these with colleagues or external parties. They can log in (via their free LastPass account) and not see the password, but they can use it. If the account is no longer relevant to others, you can withdraw the permissions individually without having to change passwords.

De originaliteitsprijs en de eerste prijs van de loterij worden persoonlijk bezorgd. De andere prijzen doen we op de post, maar misschien zit een bezoekje er ook wel in! Uiteraard stemmen wij dit af met jou. 

It is not as difficult and inconvenient as you might think! We ensure that you get a working pc or laptop in your office that is properly installed with software, updates, security, management and all the specific software and settings for your company and/or function. No messing around with settings and programmes or registering programmes or removing unnecessary software. We transfer your settings at the office so that you can start working immediately and safely.

A lot of communication is still done by phone. The world we now live in is faster and communicates in all kinds of modern ways. In particular, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep one's attention. So you want to be easily accessible everywhere (at times when you want) and you want to be able to communicate clearly and easily. So when you're at the office, this has to be perfectly organised.

At Lime Networks we hate cable slack. When we arrange your network it is not spaghetti but as fresh and fruity as can be. A well laid out network prevents (unintended) disruptions and shortens the time needed to solve problems with changes and defects. Since you pay per month, we want this too 😉 

Backup is an old-fashioned limited way of securing your data. You can do much better. Let your cloud service fulfil this role. Think version control (see for yourself what happens to documents and/or data), retention (go back in time and secure data as it once was) or retaining transaction-based data about how you work.

Yes, that can certainly make a difference. Our fixed/mobile solution works via the KPN transmission network. Our cloud telephony solution ColigoGrid takes care of the further handling of the calls. This provides a modern and innovative platform with the quality you need for perfect business communication.

Als wij uitgaan van een veilige werkplek, dan is het veilig houden een serieuze taak. Belangrijkste is dat de werkplek altijd up-to-date is. Voor het OS, de hardware, geïnstalleerde programma’s, antivirus/antimalware. Door gebruik te maken van Bitlocker en MFA zorgen wij dat toegang lastig is. Met policies voor de firewall en door het gebruik van monitoring houden wij de boel strak in de gaten.

Think of it more as a collaboration and strengthening of knowledge and experience. So we go hand in hand to give you the speed in digital transformation that you deserve.

Moving forward with IT, employees and collaboration. It provides insight into the state of IT and allows you to spot and respond to dissatisfaction or wishes early on.

Het is een anagram die inhaakt op de hoeveelheid moeite die nodig is. Iedereen kan wel een eindje joggen, de een wat verder dan de ander. Maar de marathon binnen de 3 uur is al knap lastig. Oefenen, trainen, techniek, goede spullen, ervaring is jarenlang nodig om dit te bereiken. Met Veilig Werken is dat net zo. Het is geen firewall instellen en antivirus installeren. Dat stadium zijn wij al jarenlang voorbij. Met deze ernst zie je misschien ook in dat jij zakelijk gezien zelf geen tijd hebt om topsport in techniek te bedrijven en schakel je ons in voor deze zaken. Wij zijn getraind, hebben ervaring en gaan voor de medaille zodat jij veilig kunt werken.

Through monthly contracts, we ensure timely expansion of your network. Without complex discussions. A '+' for the number of access points, for example, and we take care of the rest. In the event of a decline, you can always opt to terminate part of the contract free of charge; per device, in other words. That way, you always continue to pay for your use and are not tied down to anything.

A stable, high-performance and scalable IT infrastructure is essential for a business. Without a comprehensive and clear strategy, things quickly become complicated when the business starts to grow or when you are faced with situations such as a lockdown. Such a strategy is rather unclear territory for many companies and IT managers.

We are going to limit the number of customer visits for the time being. Only very urgent visits will continue. Other appointments will be rescheduled in consultation with you. Don't you want us to visit you? Don't worry, before we come we always give you a call to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Having a single hub/application allows you to communicate, work with data and applications as a team. Adding communication to your data makes for true collaboration - wherever you are in the world and at any time. No barriers. All you need is a working internet connection.

Je kunt een prima teamspeler zijn door te werken in Outlook, Word, Excel en al je bedrijfsapplicaties. Je hindert niemand en je bent productief. Wil je echter samenwerken en efficiënter met collega’s en/of externen werken, dan is het werken in Microsoft Teams fijn, handig en werkt prettig. Dat mag zelfs online zonder te werken op je eigen pc of device. Niks moet.

The AVG is for personal data. In other words, data that you store or process that is directly related to people. Think of name and address data with bank account numbers or, for example, data about sick leave, insurance, remuneration, etc. That you have this data or process it is not the problem. But not thinking about who can see it or who can provide access to it or how it is stored and backed up, that's exciting. By thinking about this and gaining insight, you can design adequate processes.

With 'secure by design', security comes first. With pen testing and our ISO certification, we commit ourselves to staying constantly alert to your security and that of our services and products. Take landline telephones, for example. They connect to the platform with a unique user name and accompanying password. You don't even know them. Then you have your own login on top of that. So it's not difficult to hack... just say (almost) not. Also take a look at the frequently asked questions about security or our page about Security.

There are even several advantages! We wrote a blog about it: what is (good) server management and why is it important?

Dat is lastiger dan je denkt en is niet in een paar zinnen te verwoorden. Wel hebben wij hierover een blog geschreven en die vind je hier. https://limenetworks.nl/spam-of-phishing-mail-herkennen-voorkomen-en-oplossen

Most servers are perfectly suited to the cloud. There are also usually advantages over a server in the office. We often hear limitations or doubts from customers when this is not necessary. We are happy to look at your specific solution and present you with a ready-made solution.

No. With any mobile phone you can make mobile calls and use the call centre functions (such as call forwarding and call waiting). We do have an application. This allows you to control your profile so that you do not have to do this online. It also allows you to view and directly listen to your recorded voicemails in a list.

Always in consultation, but we discuss your IT and what IT can add value to your business. In terms of performance, security and continuity, your company needs a vision of where you want to be and how we are going to get there together with you.

  • Prijzen voor maandcontracten zijn 20% hoger dan jaarcontracten
  • 1 maart gaat de prijsverhoging in voor nieuwe contracten en contractverlengingen
  • Contracten overgezet op NCE  vóór 1 maart krijgen de huidige prijs voor de contractsperiode

Yes, you can! You are also not restricted to a smartphone with two SIM card slots or an E-SIM, for example. It works on a standard SIM card. So your 1999 Nokia will still work!

Yes, we do! Because everything is well documented and all components are in stock, we can get straight to work without any questions asked. This shortens service times considerably.

During a project, requirements or wishes may change. In your company, one person is our contact person for the project. He or she will contact the project manager and he or she will make sure that your change is processed properly, if possible with an 'additional work' offer.

Our helpdesk acts as a full-service helpdesk where anyone can directly help you with questions and problems. You can always call us with all your IT questions and problems. Our passionate and well-trained team will assist you in a friendly manner with your IT, documentation and specific arrangements. Whether you have a problem, need advice or have a question, we work together as one team. 20 IT people for the price of 1 that you can call as often as you like; better that you call us more often about the same subject than that you are stuck with the question! We are also available outside office hours for important malfunctions. An engineer will help you within 15 minutes. Finally, our helpdesk is available in Dutch or English.

We do not mention prices on our website. We do have fixed prices for all our customers on our maintenance contracts. How much will it cost for you? Just give us a call and you'll know.

It is difficult for companies to get the right knowledge in house for IT. As an MSP, you have the knowledge and experience to help customers with difficult IT issues. By sitting down at the table earlier and working together better, you can even advise customers and show them how IT delivers value to your business. We do this in a managed role as vCIO.

This is more convenient than you might think. At least you don't have to carry two devices on the road. Nor are you tied to a smartphone with two SIM slots or, for example, an E-SIM. It works with any standard SIM card - whether you're using a Nokia8010 from 2005 or the latest iPhone. It works anytime, anywhere, even abroad. The SIM card connects to the telephone exchange, so you can be reached or called on multiple numbers fixed and/or mobile - and even time-based!

Experience is where you get the most benefit. We have knowledge of our products, so you can benefit from the experience of a large group. If you do have questions, our full-service help desk is ready to help. Your documentation, network and monitoring will be readily available so you can be helped quickly. And if any hardware fails, we'll be there quickly with replacement hardware. Settings are ready in the cloud so there is virtually no installation time. Afterwards, we give you insight into your network and advice on how to make it even better. Top service!

Mail ons even op verfrissend@limenetworks.nl met jouw vraag over de Kerstactie. 

Not always. Sometimes backups also get infected or are not sufficient to get back to work quickly. How much data do you lose? What is the recovery time? How bad is it if the whole company can't work for 24 hours... or maybe longer? Dealing with retention is also important. If you were hacked last week and the consequences only become visible today, do you have enough backups/retention to look back into the past? An employee who left the company last year and deleted or compromised data is also a hack. Can you go back a year with your backup? Finally, you also need to have a plan if things go wrong and see how quickly you can get back on your feet. A continuity plan helps with that.

We are Microsoft Gold Partner in three areas, for which the employees of Lime Networks have successfully completed many training courses and for which current customer cases have been approved by Microsoft. In addition, there are many certifications in the areas of security, voice, networking and the like. We work according to the guidelines and standards of our suppliers. Our ISO 27001 certificate without comments also ensures the correct working method and attitude.

Your pc/laptop, your operating system, your software are constantly under the scrutiny of hackers and malicious persons. Unfortunately, they are not all perfect. By having us manage your updates (endpoint management), you ensure that this does not affect your security. Did you know that most hacks are based on errors that have been known for a long time? We always provide the right updates at the right time to keep you safe.

Not separate or apart. It is silly to say that you do not pay for this. Of course, it is included in the price. The hardware, the installation, the management, the security, the fault handling... we offer all this for a fixed amount per month per network device. So you don't pay this in advance, but it is part of the monthly contracts. This ensures predictable costs.

Yes, you can! You can call with an application on your laptop or with your mobile phone. You can also connect your landline at home. Whether you want a phone at the office, a landline at home or you want to use your mobile to make calls in the car... everything is possible. You can also choose whether to call from your mobile number or from your business number anywhere. And it's all super easy, too.

Take the example of Maastricht University in December 2019. Then a hack with a nasty piece of software rendered the entire university network with most of the server structure and workstations unusable. What was the damage:

  • FOX-IT was called in on weekends, Christmas, New Year's Eve etc. to investigate and share knowledge with the hack, its clean-up and how to recover.
  • A very large proportion of the computers had to be reinstalled. These computers also had to be checked for traces of the virus in parts that you cannot easily see (bios or secret partitions on the hard disk/SSD drive).
  • Almost all production servers and backups locally became unusable. Only reinstallation was going to help for the recovery.
  • A ransom was paid to the hackers to decrypt the network structure/Active Directory (the Volkskrant speaks of tons of ransom).
  • A large part of the servers had to be reinstalled and data from backups had to be restored where possible.
  • In-house and external employees spent many days doing all the repairs... This also happened during the December holidays.
  • The damage to image was enormous. As a company, something like this can also cost many customers or scare off investors.

When you make a purchase and deliver it, as an IT professional you can send the invoice. However, sometimes there are things that you have not seen before. For example, providing additional information in the form of a manual or a short (online) course in the correct use of the service or software. Also a thank you note with a few questions asking if everything is to your satisfaction can sometimes have surprising results.

Standard support comes from our well-trained helpdesk. Everyone you get on the phone is familiar with all our standard solutions and registers all documentation neatly. This means you are helped immediately and not sent from pillar to post. The helpdesk understands that we deal with people and sometimes incomprehensible IT. They provide a solution and only stop when you think you've been helped.

We usually notice this before you do and immediately proceed to replace the defective component. The hardware, replacement, travel expenses, man-hours, installation, configuration and warranty settlement are included in the service. A good SLA ensures that you can quickly work again on a problem-free network.

A server is a type of computer that 'serves' services. Think of e-mail or files or a database that is available to users, other servers or programs. A well-known one is e-mail. Your Outlook connects to it to retrieve your e-mail (synchronisation) and also, at the same time, for your colleagues, your calendar and, for example, your telephone, which is also synchronised.

No, that is not necessary. The SIM card connects to the telephone exchange. So you can be reached or called on several numbers, fixed and/or mobile, and even time-based. An example: your business mobile number is on your business card. You don't want customers to disturb you at the weekend or on holiday. So you forward your business number to the fault-clearing service at the weekend and on your well-earned holiday to the Maldives. Customers are helped, but you are not bothered. And your private mobile number will continue to work as usual. Always, also on holiday! (Pssst... you can forward your mother-in-law directly to voicemail - always!

For us, an optimised workplace is one where you can work comfortably and perform optimally for your company. For example, your workplace must function well, be smooth and above all safe so that you are not interrupted. But also, for example, a laptop with a docking station and two screens so that you can do your work more efficiently and enjoy it more.

Yes, on all phones you can log in with your own internal number (e.g. 201) and your own PIN number. It takes 10 seconds and you can start calling immediately. This applies to all phones, brands and models that we supply (including conference phones). By the way, if you do not have a flexi-place, you only have to log in once and you remain logged in. Also the next day, even with a power failure or storm Ciara. You are only logged out when you want to be.

Bijna 10 jaar geleden. In de tussentijd zijn er 10+ nieuwe applicaties bijgekomen en meer dan 1400 nieuwe functies en verbeteringen doorgevoerd op het 365 platform. Alleen afgelopen jaar is bijvoorbeeld Microsoft Teams al 50% efficiënter gaan werken zodat vergaderen en samenwerken steeds soepeler verloopt.

Ken je bijvoorbeeld al Planner, Sway, Lists, OneNote etc? Allemaal superhandige tools waarmee je geen extra software hoeft aan te schaffen en steeds beter en efficiënter kunt samenwerken met data, applicaties en communicatie met collega’s en externen.

Now mainly in the morning. People want to work at home, be reachable and have all kinds of (mostly simple) questions about how to work at home or at a different location. Later in the day, this will become quieter, we expect.

Yes, we have a fixed hourly rate and our quotes are fixed price. With a plan of action, we clearly describe what we are going to do and what the impact is for the client. In other words: a thorough inventory resulting in a step-by-step plan with a fixed price. Sometimes things cannot be predicted before the project starts. After an inventory and consultation, the plan of approach gives an accurate estimate of the intended work. We keep you perfectly informed during the project.

First of all, we make sure that your network is measurable and understandable. Then we can guarantee availability for both employees and guests, separated by service. We then take care of access management and secure the network against uninvited guests. Do you have requirements for DNS management, additional firewall settings or a VPN to other offices, the cloud or a data centre? Then we monitor the correct operation for you. Optionally, we can monitor all data traffic on your network with a third-party service so that you can be absolutely sure what is happening on your network.

A subcategory of projects, where there is a change to a component or an entire IT system is replaced.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you get smarter or get extra tips. But does your company already have Office 365? Then ask yourself the following question: "Are we using all these solutions the way we should? Quite often, there is no answer to that. Adoption, education goals and plans allow a vCIO to take care of complex issues that are daily work for him/her.

If IT does not match up well enough with the goals you have set for your organisation, then it is time for a migration. Sometimes this is difficult to see and you need knowledge of IT and your business. We will discuss this together so that we can make IT fit performance, processes and business objectives.

A horse is an animal, but an animal is not a horse. Azure, for example, is a wide range of cloud services. But there are also other players in the market such as Google, Amazon, IBM, etc.

Microsoft heeft aangekondigd in juli 2021 te stoppen met ‘Skype for Business’. Tevens heeft Microsoft Teams alle functionaliteit (zeker de zakelijke variant) overgenomen. Microsoft Teams vervult nog veel meer taken om modern te kunnen werken met elkaar en met data. Lees er hier meer over.

On the Azure platform, the possibilities are almost endless. From storage, computing power, (virtual) servers, AI, SQL, IOT and much more. We would be happy to explain what this means in a personal meeting.

With Premium Support, you can also call us if things go wrong at night, on the weekend or on public holidays. Do you have a shop or do you provide services outside regular office hours and you can't get any further? Then we are here for you.

No, that would not be enough. It is a constant improvement to help your business go further and further. It also includes the use of IT resources to achieve business goals. There are sometimes qualitative or quantitative agreements attached to this, but that is not necessary. Just the insight you gain is very valuable in the management of employees, IT and your business.

That is true. Having your own IT staff often seems like a good solution. At Lime Networks, we believe in specialisms. IT is our specialism. With our own IT-people there is almost always a one-sided accumulation of knowledge. The IT person has few colleagues, limited variation in solutions and due to busyness training often falls short. This person can also fall ill, go on holiday and need help from time to time. By outsourcing the basics to an IT company that offers knowledge, experience and solutions, you relieve your company of IT worries. Would you like to keep the knowledge in-house? Then that is possible, of course. An IT manager within a company is pleasant because you get knowledge in-house. You leave the basics to us.

Employees and change... that's always something to think about. With a transition to Modern Working, we include this in our working method. Through customer engagement, we take you and your employees along in the changes. With e-mails, relevant information and training, we ensure that everyone knows what is going to happen. By giving employees more responsibility over the way they work and letting them work in teams, a connection is quickly created. You could almost say that benefits are the engine of success. If you have employees who don't want all this, of course you can. You can always keep working in the 'old' way with your data, but then you miss all the benefits.

The advantages are that you work safely and that everything works properly. And if something goes wrong, we can help you back on track efficiently. You are important, so is your workplace. Apart from this, we know that you are up-to-date with all your software and security (antivirus/antimalware). You have all updates for your hardware and software, so everything works optimally. We also have clear reports on the health of your workplace and can easily manage it. For support, you don't have to wait for someone to drop by, because we are well informed and can help you remotely straight away. With a good SLA (service level agreement), you can be sure that you will be helped quickly.

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