De verkoelende oplossing
in verhitte IT zaken


Nimbus is an investment company, they buy and sell companies. For Nimbus it is important that the companies they invest in have potential and a healthy core business.` The very first ticket at Lime Networks dates back to 2014. In addition, Lime Networks mainly takes care of the standard things like telephony, email and communication. Read more about it here.

Avedon Capital

Avedon Capital is a mid-market private equity fund that invests in smaller companies. It is important for Avedon Capital that investments run smoothly. In early 2020, we carried out a telephony platform migration for the 25 employees and we have a Teams migration planned. Read more about it here.

Media Donuts

Media Donuts is a company in digital marketing and media. It is essential that the computers are fast, up-to-date and well secured, because they are busy with customer contact. The IT structure has been adjusted and renewed. Security was also previously an issue. Read here about the Microsoft Teams migration and e-mail migration we carried out.


Logeion is a professional association for communication professionals, focused on the Netherlands. For Logeion, IT works as a backbone. Previously, Logeion had a different supplier for IT. In this project case you can read what the project entailed and what the added value of Lime Networks is according to Logeion.