What is Modern Working and how do you implement it in the office?

Any company with offices and staff will understand the importance of communication and cooperation. These two factors are indispensable for a well-functioning flow. Modern Working can help here. In this blog you will read how to smoothly go through the transition phase of Modern Working.

The importance of Modern Work

In today's society where everything must be quicker and safer, it is good to take a critical look at how exactly the work process is organised in the office. Although the yellow notebooks and paper diaries are probably long gone, it is also advisable to take a close look at the current system. After all, don't we all want everything to run smoothly and up to date? At Lime Networks we work with Modern Work. And we can tell you, we are hooked! Are you curious whether Modern Work is something for your office or have you even considered the choice? Then these are useful things to know.

Getting used to it step by step

Every process starts with making a start and there is very little that goes smoothly in one day. That is also why it is important to take up Modern Working step by step. Fortunately, Microsoft is there to guide you step by step. Microsoft also recommends starting with chatting and video conferencing in Microsoft Teams. Once you start getting used to this, it's time for the next step: lifting and shifting your current data into logical teams and channels. Next, start working with apps like Planner, ToDo and Streams.

It is also time to link your external platforms to the Microsoft platform. Do you, for example, already work with Asana, Trello, Jira or Adobe Cloud? You can include all of these in Modern Work. Finally, the idea is to automate processes and streamline your business with the Microsoft Power Platform. Follow these steps logically and you will notice that you will have mastered Modern Working in no time.

You are not alone, we help you!

As you will have come to expect by now, we are here for you. Where there is uncertainty, we are there to simplify things for you. A promise we also make to you when it comes to Modern Working. In the transition phase, for example, we provide guidance in communication. We do this at the start and during the migration, but certainly also afterwards. We help with the creation of the e-mails but also with the content. You are not alone. You really are not.

We also provide training in the office to give all staff a fresh start. Moreover, we can help managers to act as ambassadors and thus get the team enthusiastic. Alternatively, Quality Mentor offers online training for just that extra push in the right direction. These trainings offer steps of 5 minutes each in order to learn how to deal with Modern Working in an accessible way.

Watch videos about Teams

We understand that working with the latest techniques and methods requires attention and time. We also understand that time is not always available or that it is difficult to make time for this. To keep things as simple as possible, we therefore recommend you to pay attention to the videos about Teams. With a little time and a bit of attention, you'll be up to speed on how Teams actually works. In no time you will have switched your team to Modern Work.

Do it together

A new way of working. Sounds exciting. But fortunately it is less exciting than it seems, especially if you do it together as a team. That helps each other enormously and ensures that everything becomes a lot clearer. Also make sure that team leaders understand how it works. When they understand it, the rest of the staff will soon follow. Not only within the team you do it together, also we (a team of professionals) are there to support you where necessary. Do you encounter problems or get completely stuck? Don't panic, we are just a phone call away.

Be patient

An important tip to conclude with: be patient and give it time to get used to it. It's just a question of taking steps and getting your team on board. Once everything is under control, you will notice how much smoother the work process runs thanks to Modern Working.

If, after reading this blog, you still think this is not simple enough, we are here for you. We organise demos on location. Feel free to ask for more information or for one of the training days for Office 365 and Teams. You can call us at 010-2121806 or email us at info@limenetworks.nl.

Frequently asked questions about Modern Working

Is your question not listed? 1 email or 1 phone call is enough to get it answered. 010-2121806 | info@limenetworks.nl

Zeker. Office 365 kent veel technieken die zorgen voor beveiliging van toegang, aanpassen of delen van data. Ook het sturen en controleren van deze processen zijn onderdeel van het ecosysteem om te kunnen voldoen aan regelgeving. Wil je hier meer van weten of eens zien hoe dit werkt? Wees vrij om ons te bellen voor een afspraak.

Through engagement and responsibility. By empowering you to work with engagement and responsibility, barriers to working together are reduced or eliminated. By including people in the planning, changes and what is possible, you give energy instead of change. We help you with the process and involving people/employees in modern collaboration. This way you let technology work for you and not against you. This shifts you from 'having to work together' to 'being able to work together efficiently'.

Cooperation is something that people do, not technology. Modern Work is not about people, but about removing the barriers that technology creates or used to create. By removing these barriers, you can really work together efficiently. So see Modern Working as a tool and especially as a catalyst.

Having a single hub/application allows you to communicate, work with data and applications as a team. Adding communication to your data makes for true collaboration - wherever you are in the world and at any time. No barriers. All you need is a working internet connection.

Yes! Invite people to read files or even participate in creating the content. You can also invite external parties in Teams and/or Channels to become part of your productivity. You can determine what they can do in your environment (read, create, take control). As a company, you can influence whether or not you want this. In the Office 365 Compliance overview you can see which data is available to whom.

Je kunt een prima teamspeler zijn door te werken in Outlook, Word, Excel en al je bedrijfsapplicaties. Je hindert niemand en je bent productief. Wil je echter samenwerken en efficiënter met collega’s en/of externen werken, dan is het werken in Microsoft Teams fijn, handig en werkt prettig. Dat mag zelfs online zonder te werken op je eigen pc of device. Niks moet.

First of all, we help you with information about what it is, how it can work for you and we show you how it works in practice. With thorough planning, we help you with the technology and give you direction and concrete help on how to start and staff with change. After that, we help you with daily support for questions, breakdowns and changes.

Microsoft Teams is an application that is part of Office 365. You can use it to communicate (chat, audio, video), access your business (team) data and connect to other Office 365 applications. You can also connect to all kinds of external (cloud) applications, such as Trello, Asana, CRM, etc: Trello, Asana, CRM, PowerBI, Jira, and so on. Microsoft Teams is a hub for your daily work, communication and collaboration with others.

This is a cloud service provided by Microsoft. You can make use of various services and products depending on your subscription. The most well-known are:

  • Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) on your pc, Mobile/Tablet or online
  • Exchange mailbox online from 50-100GB
  • 1TB opslag voor bedrijfsdata (per bedrijf) via SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business with 1TB storage per person for private use and pc backup
  • Microsoft Teams for collaboration (chat, audio/video conferencing) and as a hub for data, applications and communication between various Office 365 components and external (cloud) software/services.
  • Various online Apps for better collaboration and productivity: Planner, OneNote, To-Do, Stream, Sway and many more
  • Microsoft Power Platform. Power Automate: automate tasks across all Office 365 components without programming skills
  • PowerApps: build your own applications online to extend and customise Office 365 or to develop complete applications or connections to existing applications

Microsoft Teams is een applicatie die onderdeel is van Office 365. Je kunt hiermee communiceren (chat, audio, video), je zakelijke (team)data benaderen en connectie maken met overige Office 365 applicaties. Daarnaast kun je verbinding leggen met allerlei externe (cloud) applicaties zoals bijvoorbeeld: Trello, Asana, CRM, PowerBI, Jira, etc. Microsoft Teams is zo dus een verzamelplek voor je dagelijkse werk, communicatie en samenwerken met anderen.

Where should we start? It is of course very personal, but to name the core you will mainly work together and more efficiently. You work together in Teams, where you work with data, communication, applications and information from various sources. You'll work more efficiently because you can work anywhere, on your workstation or mobile phone. With the addition of Microsoft Teams, you see that many sources of information come together in one ecosystem. With Office 365, you have a platform with many applications (in addition to the standard Office Suite that we are all familiar with) that give your productivity a boost because they directly affect your data and way of working. Call us for a demo and we will show you what it looks like in practice.

Backup is an old-fashioned limited way of securing your data. You can do much better. Let your cloud service fulfil this role. Think version control (see for yourself what happens to documents and/or data), retention (go back in time and secure data as it once was) or retaining transaction-based data about how you work.

If you work in the cloud, then that is the basis for your data. With Office 365, for example, your data is safe in the cloud at Microsoft. Think of Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform. Think also of SharePoint (don't worry... it's only used as storage... you don't have to work with it) and OneDrive to make your data available everywhere.

Employees and change... that's always something to think about. With a transition to Modern Working, we include this in our working method. Through customer engagement, we take you and your employees along in the changes. With e-mails, relevant information and training, we ensure that everyone knows what is going to happen. By giving employees more responsibility over the way they work and letting them work in teams, a connection is quickly created. You could almost say that benefits are the engine of success. If you have employees who don't want all this, of course you can. You can always keep working in the 'old' way with your data, but then you miss all the benefits.

Nee. Het gaat niet om cloud of servers, maar om een idee van werken. Wel weten wij uit ervaring dat werken in de cloud stukken makkelijker is. Sterker nog, het onderhouden van een serverpark met alle randzaken (uptime, beveiliging, back-ups, continuïteit, beschikbaarheid etc) is veel duurder. Door bijvoorbeeld met Office 365 en andere office 365 applicaties maak je snel een frisse start.

Ja. Met ‘secure by design’ staat veilig werken bij Lime Networks voorop. Wij zorgen dat je data veilig staat (ook in de cloud) en dat de weg naar je data ook veilig is. Je hoeft je geen zorgen te maken over de beschikbaarheid en integriteit van je data. Met retentie en versioning van data kun je fouten maken zonder dat dit impact heeft op de organisatie.

Once the background is in place, you're ready to go. Whether you work on your Apple laptop in a coffee shop, on your iPad at home or with a Microsoft workstation in the office. You can work with virtually any solution anywhere. That is the essence of modern working. No complicated security. It is simple and cleverly arranged. Employees can get to work without any problems and do not have to worry about security or data. With an internet connection, you can work immediately, even if you are not working on your own pc.

That depends very much on the chosen solution and whether you are already working with certain solutions. As an example: if you already work with Office 365, then you already have a licence that allows you to work in a modern way. So in fact, it costs nothing. Of course, you need to set up and secure everything, engage your staff and have a training course at the office (1 to 2 hours) for a fresh start. The costs of this are still manageable. Especially when you see how much more effective you will be working together with your colleagues! Oh yes; once you have started, we are there for you with answers and help for your questions and problems. Our skilled helpdesk is always ready for you.

Actually, Modern Work is the next step in efficient cooperation. In fact, every organisation is ready for it. Of course, we are happy to explain the effect on your organisation and give you customised advice - whether you work in production, have a consultancy firm or are in financial services.

Collaborate anywhere, anytime, without technical limitations.

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