What expectations can you have of a vCIO?

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We want only the best for our customers. That includes the partnership, or rather the commitment we make to you. We understand that for your company there are a number of factors at play when entering into a partnership. You have certain expectations and that is only logical. That is why we would like to explain what expectations we meet, what such a partnership looks like and what we can do for you as vCIO.

Passion for technology

At Lime Networks we have a passion for technology and communicate this in clear language. We are especially passionate about the technology in your company. For us a well functioning IT system in your company is the goal. We do everything in our power to achieve this while making sure that it is understandable, manageable, achievable and useful. Moreover, we see security as a top-class sport. And just like a top athlete, our heart beats faster when we are in action. But this is when we have a well-organised IT system, take an organisation to the top level and make a correct planning for the short and long term. We plan 4 quarters (short term) and 3 years (long term) ahead. And all that without breaking a sweat, because our technical skills are second to none. Injuries, we don't do that - just plasters and refreshing ice packs.

Clear reporting and feedback

You want to know where you stand and how everything is going. We understand that. We ensure that you receive clear feedback on the results. After all, you don't work together with a bunch of (lime) owls;). What exactly does such feedback look like? You will receive a quarterly report with an overview of your goals and how they are achieved. This is what you can expect from us in the report:

  • The needs of your business
  • The short and long term goals
  • Supporting statistics and satisfaction scores
  • Completed projects and ongoing tasks
  • How we work together as partners

As vCIO, we are the bridge between your business, IT and your transformation into the digital world. Through regular reporting, we show how we do everything to achieve your IT results.

Working with clear IT objectives

A vCIO is really part of your company and helps you in the right direction of digital transformation. That is a condition you can expect. Thanks to the IT consultancy, you will also achieve your IT goals in the long term. In addition to clear IT goals, a vCIO is able to step in with your company's security, emergency solutions, hiring the right IT personnel and providing cybersecurity training.

An overview of the costs

You want the costs to match the costing and budgeting you have in mind in your business plan. We understand that. A vCIO gives you this insight and ensures that the costs do not deviate from the norm. Everything is done in consultation. We are your partner in (cyber)crime!

The role of a vCIO can vary from party to party. However, we only go for the best result. We communicate clearly and take complete care of our clients. We don't do it for less than a 10 from the customer. We want a partnership where we really sit at the table and help you grow towards the right IT goals.

Would you like more information about our services? Although we aim for a good marriage between both parties, we will not ask for your hand directly. A (digital) cup of coffee is always possible! You can schedule one by sending an e-mail to info@limenetworks or by calling 010-2121806.

Still have questions? You will find the answers to most of them in our FAQ.

Frequently asked questions about partnership vCIO?

Is your question not listed? 1 email or 1 phone call is enough to get it answered. 010-2121806 | info@limenetworks.nl

The aim is to actually gain productivity. Complaining employees at the coffee machine, a dissatisfied management or an IT manager who does not get around to really important things. That is where the profit lies. The fact that this occasionally costs a little time and attention is more than recouped.

That is what we would like to see. But every organisation is different in services, hardware, software and very different in, for example, the use of a specific service, Microsoft Teams or OneDrive. Also, things like company culture and rules or legislation give a human or sometimes organisational difference which, without attention/engagement, cannot be properly managed with IT. Profit in this respect is sometimes more valuable than an average software package or a simple manual.

When you make a purchase and deliver it, as an IT professional you can send the invoice. However, sometimes there are things that you have not seen before. For example, providing additional information in the form of a manual or a short (online) course in the correct use of the service or software. Also a thank you note with a few questions asking if everything is to your satisfaction can sometimes have surprising results.

In progress. That is what it is all about. We all want perfection, but we must focus on continuous improvement. That 10 is a goal but also an end point. By measuring in dots, stars, numbers or thumbs up, you can determine where you stand and where you can improve. If there is improvement, that is a measurable gain.

We can use our services for IT projects that get stuck, migrations that (threaten to) fail, capacity problems with internal staff or logistical problems. Think of successfully deploying hardware and software at the right time and in the right place. Sometimes you need a little extra help.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you get smarter or get extra tips. But does your company already have Office 365? Then ask yourself the following question: "Are we using all these solutions the way we should? Quite often, there is no answer to that. Adoption, education goals and plans allow a vCIO to take care of complex issues that are daily work for him/her.

You profit optimally from all the knowledge of the underlying Managed Service Provider. This allows you to strengthen your position in security and sleep peacefully. Matters such as ISO 27001, NDA and a processor's agreement ensure that your company benefits but does not run any (extra) risk in this area.

A stable, high-performance and scalable IT infrastructure is essential for a business. Without a comprehensive and clear strategy, things quickly become complicated when the business starts to grow or when you are faced with situations such as a lockdown. Such a strategy is rather unclear territory for many companies and IT managers.

No, definitely not. An IT manager has many tasks but often too little time. Also, knowledge building can sometimes be difficult or the IT manager is subject to one-sided knowledge building within the framework of your company. We bring diversity of knowledge and experience to the table and help your IT manager where necessary. Cooperation is more the motto. If you do not have an IT manager, we will take on this role if required.

Think of it more as a collaboration and strengthening of knowledge and experience. So we go hand in hand to give you the speed in digital transformation that you deserve.

An XLA helps the IT manager with insight and direct feedback, but also staff with bottlenecks that may not always be obvious, or things that are simply missed in daily IT management. It also allows a manager/board of directors to better put wishes and frustrations on the table outside of daily IT in a natural way. Proactive management, security, continuity, monitoring... it is all useful and necessary. But you also have to deal with people. There is still a great deal of profit to be made in this area.

Moving forward with IT, employees and collaboration. It provides insight into the state of IT and allows you to spot and respond to dissatisfaction or wishes early on.

Above all, gaining insight into how we can give your company and your staff a better experience in IT resources and use. So creating insight, making improvements and above all measuring progress.

Yes, it does. An XLA must eventually replace an SLA. In fact, an XLA should make an SLA redundant. We don't throw our agreements overboard just like that.

That depends on the contract we have agreed together. Our Premium services give you the very highest standard that we offer, for example.

No, that would not be enough. It is a constant improvement to help your business go further and further. It also includes the use of IT resources to achieve business goals. There are sometimes qualitative or quantitative agreements attached to this, but that is not necessary. Just the insight you gain is very valuable in the management of employees, IT and your business.

Organisations are filled with procedures, KPIs and frameworks, but often forget the human experience. Documents with rules and Service Level Agreements (SLA) should make work easier, but actually do not. SLA works from control, while XLA works from trust. XLA is a mindset that helps to shift the focus to the end-user experience and to put emotions first.

eXperience Level Agreement -> IT traditionally focuses on improving processes. XLA is a mindset for (re)designing people-centric IT services and processes.

We use various tools to support you with insight into your current IT, customer satisfaction and planning for the future.

Engage more with your customers. This will lead to more cooperation and a better quality result, with more value for the customer.

An IT supplier is often reactive to customer queries. This can be very useful. However, you see that building up knowledge in IT within companies is often difficult due to tunnel vision on your own company. With an IT partner, you get more help in making important decisions in IT and steering for the medium and long term. You are never alone with a partner.

It is difficult for companies to get the right knowledge in house for IT. As an MSP, you have the knowledge and experience to help customers with difficult IT issues. By sitting down at the table earlier and working together better, you can even advise customers and show them how IT delivers value to your business. We do this in a managed role as vCIO.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer's IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, usually on a proactive basis and according to a subscription model.

That we take you through various issues to gain insight into your IT in the short, medium and long term. This can include planning, security, concrete IT solutions, but also goals, how IT will contribute to your growth strategy and knowledge to achieve these goals.

Always in consultation, but we discuss your IT and what IT can add value to your business. In terms of performance, security and continuity, your company needs a vision of where you want to be and how we are going to get there together with you.

A vCIO is the abbreviation for virtual Chief Information Officer.

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