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ISO 27001 certificated

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ISO27001 is about controlling and improving information processes and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business-critical (customer) information. With this certification, we show that we meet the requirements of a worldwide recognised standard in the field of information security. And we are very proud of that!

With effect from theGeneral Data Protection Regulation(or GDPR) in Europe, the rules surrounding data protection tightened. This means that our mmanagement system for information securitymust bein good order. A data breachof personal data has not only strong financial financial consequencesbut also our reputationreputation (and possibly that of our customers). ISO 27001 sets out the requirements for information security.

For us, such an ISO 27001 certificate is very important, because we work with complex IT systems that process a lot of data not only for us but also as a processor for customers. In this way, we show that we measures taken against information security risksand so we comply with the Act Protection of Personal Data.


Here's what you get as a customer

An ISO 27001 certificate is all well and good, but you are naturally curious about what it means for you.

  • Guaranteeing the confidentiality of information
  • Minimisation of IT risks, potential damage and follow-up costs
  • Systematic detection of vulnerabilities
  • IT risk management
  • Reducing the risks of security breaches
  • Availability, confidentiality and integrity of data or information as you currently have it.


How can you obtain an ISO 27001 certificate?

Because the ISO 27001 certificate is so highly regarded, it is not easy to obtain. It consists of six steps:

  1. Preliminary audit: an evaluation by an independent third party ('auditors') who map out the current situation.
  2. Certification audit level 1: the current documentation of the management system documents is evaluated.
  3. Certification audit level 2: the practical applications of the management system and its effectiveness are checked.
  4. Issue of certificate: yes, the ISO 27001 certificate has arrived! This proves that we meet all the standards and are reliable.
  5. Audit: After obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate, we are not there yet. We want to keep it. An annual audit is therefore carried out for process optimisation and compliance with the standards.
  6. Certification renewal: the recertification takes place three years after the initial audit.

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