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Do you want to communicate clearly with your customers?

With Managed IT we take care of your Telephony

Telephony something from the previous decade? Certainly not!
Telephony is still incredibly important and ensures
for accessibility and smooth communication.
With us, this is possible without the technical complexity.

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This is how you can be reached

Let telephony work to your advantage and make sure you are available the way you want to be.
With us, you use an 'enterprise telephone exchange' in the cloud. We use the reliable
We use the reliable KPN mobile network via a cloud solution and offer you all
features such as visual voicemail, availability information and full control over incoming calls.
complete control over incoming calls. You can cancel this monthly if you
desired. Finally, our team of passionate IT professionals is always at your service. So make sure you have
for a secure and efficient telephony solution that ensures that you are available to your customers
for your customers, but exactly the way you want it.

Do you have questions about telephony?
Check our FAQ for all the answers.

Why Managed Voice is indispensable to your business

An important part of telephony is Managed Voice, where you call with a (fixed/wireless) phone or via an application on your PC.
This is why Managed Voice will only work to your advantage.

Latest in technology
With a cloud solution, you are ahead of the technology. One possibility is VoIP (Voice over IP) or calling over the internet. We use ColigoGrid, the most modern VoIP telephony platform available. With us, you are ahead of the trends.

Integration with your mobile
By integrating your fixed and mobile telephones, you increase your accessibility even more, because fixed and mobile telephones run on the same platform. So you can set this up any way you like.

On your own terms
You decide when you can be reached, so you don't have to worry about getting calls all day long on all kinds of devices. This way, you have the convenience of being reachable, but you are still in control.

Keep it stupidly simple
Connect your device to the network or insert the SIM card into your mobile. It works immediately, for a fixed price per month.

The components of Telephony

Whether you call from your landline or mobile, at Lime Networks everything is behind the switchboard and functions as one. Be perfectly taken care of or manage everything yourself. The most innovative telephony platform available without technical complexity.

Managed Voice
Make calls using a landline or wireless device or via an application on your pc. Free conference rooms are included and you can optionally choose bundles with unlimited calls in the Netherlands or the EU.

Managed Mobile
Calling with your smartphone/gsm, possibly with a second 06 number on the same SIM card. Choose from various data bundles and unlimited calls from/to the Netherlands and/or the EU.

Take your own number with you without worries and/or choose new fixed numbers (single or in 10/100 blocks), 06-numbers, service numbers or international numbers. Even multiple 06-numbers on one SIM.

Good service or do it yourself
Take good care of setting up the telephone exchange, onboarding your staff, any changes during use or have questions and malfunctions promptly dealt with by our helpdesk.

A connection that allows you to call safely and with maximum quality? (via fibre optic or xDSL)?
We deliver internet from all major providers in the Netherlands & provide one invoice and fast support.


Corded phones
Reliable and easy to use. From simple to a colour screen where you can see up to 30 colleagues and whether they are available.

Cordless phones
Take your phone wherever you need it. Even a conference phone can be wireless. This way you can use it in all conference rooms. Super efficient.

Conference phones
Whether you are in a meeting with two people or 20, you can make yourself and the other party understood. That's how you communicate clearly with each other.

Want to keep your hands free, walk away from your desk or make a concentrated call? Use a headset on your phone or your pc/laptop and call like you want to.

Being accessible and available at your convenience

Now it all seems complicated and scary, but it's not at all. We make it simple: one platform for everything concerning Telephony.
Get started yourself or let our helpdesk take care of everything for you. Telephony is essential for every company and can help you to be easily accessible. That's why we like to make it tangible.

Managed Voice

Frequently asked questions about Telephony

Yes, we all can. Whether you have subscriptions for your landline and/or mobile phone, whether you mix private and business use, or whether you are even on different providers... It's all right, we will help you make the transition to the best solution as easy as possible.

We deliver everything zero-touch for perfect calling, which means you can start using it right away. Want to know exactly how that works? Then send an e-mail to verfrissend@limenetworks.nl or call us for an appointment on 010-2121806

Yes, that can certainly make a difference. Our fixed/mobile solution works via the KPN transmission network. Our cloud telephony solution ColigoGrid takes care of the further handling of the calls. This provides a modern and innovative platform with the quality you need for perfect business communication.

With internet/VoIP, calling is much more complicated than before via the ISDN line. Seamless use of your mobile, both privately and in combination with your telephone exchange, should be efficient and simple. And if you have questions or need help, you want to speak to someone directly. Therefore choose Lime Networks. It must be refreshing.

A lot of communication is still done by phone. The world we now live in is faster and communicates in all kinds of modern ways. In particular, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep one's attention. So you want to be easily accessible everywhere (at times when you want) and you want to be able to communicate clearly and easily. So when you're at the office, this has to be perfectly organised.

Are you in the office? Then you can disconnect your device from the power supply or give it a factory reset. After a few minutes, everything will work as it used to. Is the phone not responding at all? Then you can sit down at another workstation and call from your extension by logging into that phone. It's that simple. If your phone is really broken, we will send you a new one. It works immediately so no installation problems. If necessary, we will plug it into your network for you, if that is what you want.

You pay for a user of the telephone exchange (fixed and/or mobile), for your call minutes (or you buy them off) and, if you want, for refreshing service. If you have questions or want to see something adjusted in the telephone exchange, we help you. Smart engineers who know what to do. No 'closet to the wall' story, but nice people who help you immediately.

Very good. We use the network of the KPN transmission towers and their network internationally. So that's okay. It can always vary from building to building and from provider to provider. But KPN is simply good! Very good.

There are various possibilities for this, whether your company consists of 10 employees or 1000. Take the app on your desktop or the connection to your CRM system, for example. That gives a lot of insight. Do you have a small environment? Then we have a device with a large screen with buttons that show the availability and names of your colleagues and/or departments. Need more? Then we have extra modules for next to your phone with even more buttons and lights. Do you need a really large number of buttons (100+)? Then we have an application on your pc where you can set everything up custom and on a separate screen on your pc you can see your colleagues and connect to them directly. Of course, you can work on your device or on your pc with a headset that leaves your hands free and also allows you to walk at least 50 metres away from your workstation. You can also use your smartphone to answer calls if you need to take care of something. You can always transfer the call you are making to/from any of your devices you are calling.

We all know voicemail and it works the same with us. If you have a smartphone with iOS or Android, you can use the Reach app. It allows you to view all your voicemails, listen to them directly, delete them and fast forward or rewind them. Visually from your screen without all sorts of complicated menus with quick choices that we can't remember. Super convenient.

Yes, you can! You are also not restricted to a smartphone with two SIM card slots or an E-SIM, for example. It works on a standard SIM card. So your 1999 Nokia will still work!

This is more convenient than you might think. At least you don't have to carry two devices on the road. Nor are you tied to a smartphone with two SIM slots or, for example, an E-SIM. It works with any standard SIM card - whether you're using a Nokia8010 from 2005 or the latest iPhone. It works anytime, anywhere, even abroad. The SIM card connects to the telephone exchange, so you can be reached or called on multiple numbers fixed and/or mobile - and even time-based!

With the availability matrix or with the preset schedules, you can automatically deliver your calls somewhere else. Here you can indeed set up your secretary to answer the phone when you are in a meeting, on holiday, taking the dog for a walk or absent for some other reason.

Yes, that is very easy. So if you don't have time, you can easily transfer the caller to a colleague or to a department - with or without consultation.

No. With any mobile phone you can make mobile calls and use the call centre functions (such as call forwarding and call waiting). We do have an application. This allows you to control your profile so that you do not have to do this online. It also allows you to view and directly listen to your recorded voicemails in a list.

With Premium Support, you can also call us if things go wrong at night, on the weekend or on public holidays. Do you have a shop or do you provide services outside regular office hours and you can't get any further? Then we are here for you.

You can get a login for your online environment. Here you can control everything. If you do need help, our knowledgeable and passionate helpdesk is there for you and we have an extensive user manual. So if you want to get started yourself, nothing will stand in your way.

Yes, we can. We can store them for you but if you don't want to we can also deliver them daily to your IT environment e.g. on an sFTP server. Please note: if you record conversations, you must either announce this or you can only use it for internal learning purposes. Unannounced is not legally valid.

Get an enterprise PBX and all the features that go with it. Queues, waiting queues, hunt groups, call forwarding, everything on times and schedules, holidays/free days, CDR records, hot-desking, groups, call-pickup and so on. Basically, everything you want and/or need. Want more details? Then take a look at our brochure on the 'Telephony' page. Oh yes... you can also use your mobile phone. No need for a landline!

With 'secure by design', security comes first. With pen testing and our ISO certification, we commit ourselves to staying constantly alert to your security and that of our services and products. Take landline telephones, for example. They connect to the platform with a unique user name and accompanying password. You don't even know them. Then you have your own login on top of that. So it's not difficult to hack... just say (almost) not. Also take a look at the frequently asked questions about security or our page about Security.

No, that is not necessary. The SIM card connects to the telephone exchange. So you can be reached or called on several numbers, fixed and/or mobile, and even time-based. An example: your business mobile number is on your business card. You don't want customers to disturb you at the weekend or on holiday. So you forward your business number to the fault-clearing service at the weekend and on your well-earned holiday to the Maldives. Customers are helped, but you are not bothered. And your private mobile number will continue to work as usual. Always, also on holiday! (Pssst... you can forward your mother-in-law directly to voicemail - always!

Yes, on all phones you can log in with your own internal number (e.g. 201) and your own PIN number. It takes 10 seconds and you can start calling immediately. This applies to all phones, brands and models that we supply (including conference phones). By the way, if you do not have a flexi-place, you only have to log in once and you remain logged in. Also the next day, even with a power failure or storm Ciara. You are only logged out when you want to be.

Yes, you can! You can call with an application on your laptop or with your mobile phone. You can also connect your landline at home. Whether you want a phone at the office, a landline at home or you want to use your mobile to make calls in the car... everything is possible. You can also choose whether to call from your mobile number or from your business number anywhere. And it's all super easy, too.

No. You and your company get your own telephone exchange on the cloud platform. That is part of the whole and you pay per person and for the call minutes (or you buy the call minutes). This applies to both mobile and fixed telephony.

This differs per provider. With us, it means that your SIM card and therefore your mobile phone are behind the switchboard. So everything on your landline also works on your mobile - if you want it to. Call forwarding, call waiting, transferring calls, picking up calls and 100 other functions. It all works perfectly with any mobile device without apps and complexities. PS We do have a mobile app (iOS/Android), but you control your account with it so you don't have to log in online. Very easy.

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