We make IT
simple and secure

How we work

We combine our passion for IT with knowledge and experience to help your business perform in a secure way. We work according to the 'secure by design' principle, whereby the IT security of your environment is central to every process, service or product. We can also help you outside office hours or with external suppliers . Using IT in a smart way to improve your performance, that is what it is all about for us.

Our products and services are not about what you get, but about what value they add and what problems they solve.
That's how your business can stay competitive.


  • All software up to date
  • Rights structure on your data
  • MFA for access


  • A continuity plan
  • A good SLA
  • IT well documented


  • IT just has to work
  • Working together efficiently
  • Leading and innovating

What customers say

"Lime Networks solves all our IT problems. They really make sure that there are people who have different specialties. As a result, there is always someone who is an expert on the subject. I would definitely recommend them. You are never sent from pillar to post and they really help you out."

Managed IT

We don't go into more details, but we take care of all your IT in a safe way, for a fixed price. You are not tied to anything with our monthly contracts.


Fixed and mobile in one solution


Everything for your workplace (office, mobile or home)

IT services

Projects, migrations, relocations or a transfer; we are there for you. We provide knowledge, experience and work with a fixed schedule.


To the cloud, migrations, replacement

8.4 from the customer | 100 successful

We provide knowledge, experience and work with a fixed schedule. A Plan of Action gives advance insight into details for the entire project.


All the IT hardware you need to deliver performance

Hardware per piece

Servers, pcs, laptops, peripherals, telephony, conference room, security etc.

Maintenance contracts

Technical support and preventive maintenance with an SLA

Per contract

For security, workstations, servers, network, telephony and endpoints

Hybrid cloud

Hosted servers with cloud services and continuity

Hybrid cloud per server

Own servers safely in a data centre. Per month without investment supplemented by cloud services and continuity.


Domains and DNS

Hosting per service

Registration, management and security of domains and all traffic over them (DNS records). Your data also runs smoothly over the internet outside the office.


Fibre optic and xDSL

Internet per line

All major providers in the Netherlands under one roof. Immediately see what is available and connect without problems. Including support from our helpdesk
(all fibre optic and copper connections)

This is what we think is important

  • Taking care of customers
    Customer- and solution-oriented work with proactive and personal contact. Always going the extra mile for the customer. This makes us the one-stop-shop for IT.
  • Passion for technology
    Investing in IT innovation and always standardising and testing IT. We want perfect solutions and like to do it right the first time.
  • Speaking in clear language
    IT must be simple, and that includes speaking in understandable language. Communicating openly and being transparent to our customers. We are always there for you, even outside office hours or if you have asked us something six times before.