Lime Networks
Refreshing in IT!

Our Story

We are Lime Networks and we are refreshing in IT. Since 2003 we offer IT solutions for a fixed price, for all SMEs in the Netherlands. With a well-trained team, we take the complexity out of IT and deliver efficient services that take total care of you as a customer. What makes us refreshing is our passionate team, our no-nonsense approach, customer focus, clear communication and focus on security.

IT has to work, because it shapes your competitive position. IT should be simple and secure and customers should be looked after by more passionate people who communicate clearly.
We provide these IT services and products for SMEs

Lime Networks - Refreshing in IT!

Our core values

We take care of our customers:We work customer- and solution-oriented with proactive and personal contact. We always go the extra mile. We are theonestop shop for IT.

We have a passion fortechnology:We invest in innovation and are always standardising and testing IT.We like to do it right the first time

We speak a clear language:IT should be simple and that includes speaking understandable language. We communicate openly and transparently with our customers. Finally, we are easy to reach.

Working safely is top sport


Security is the top priority at all our solutions.With 'secure by design', every choice of product or service is considered in terms of its implications for the IT security of your environment. This means that the highest security requirements are taken into account, such as encryption, MFA, AVG, access management, etc. This ensures that we always stand behind our products and we know about data security and availability.


WHW: Why, How, What


IT has to work because it is the core of your competitive position.


We make IT simple and secure, look after our customers with a passionate, well-trained team and communicate clearly about it.


We provide IT services and products for SMEs.

Meet the team

We are a successful company that provides customers with complete IT services and, of course, you can't do that without a top-notch team! As a team, we stand for technology, deliver proven services and speak clearly about it.