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M365 Backup

Protect your data from threats and reduce the risk of losing Microsoft365 data. Securing information and data is not a function of Microsoft 365. Keep your data safe and ensure fast recovery of data.M365 Backup puts your data in a safe place. Multiple times a day for 7 years. Easy data loss recovery with perfect support from our help desk so you can always get back up and running smoothly.


M365 Backup puts your data in a safe place
Several times a day for 7 years

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Microsoft365 Data retention

It is often assumed that Microsoft's data retention policies secure your data without limits. If you do not take data-protection measures for your data in Microsoft365 then the unpleasant situation can arise where data is permanently deleted. Without backup, even an experienced IT professional cannot restore your data. Compare the retention of data in case of deletion between Microsoft retention and M365 Backup - Cove.

The responsibility for the application and its availability lies with Microsoft. The security and availability of your data lies with a backup solution. With M365 backup - Cove, Lime Networks ensures that your data is securely backed up and meets compliance rules.

Microsoft 365 can also protect your PC against data loss
Your files, photos and desktop are also protected.

The benefits at a glance


Includes all the care you need
Completely taken care of

Installation, helpdesk, data recovery assistance. We help you where needed with a professional helpdesk also outside office hours where needed.

We've got your back

M365 data smoothly restored in case of accidental deletion
Inadvertent removal

A user can accidentally delete a shared OneDrive folder, their entire inbox, or even a SharePoint site.
Smooth data recovery without complicated procedures.

Safe & Compliant

3-2-1 principle with ISO certified data centers
Easily comply with regulations

With 3 instances of your data in 2 different locations of which at least 1 is secure. M365 backup uses ISO certified data centers and encrypted data transfers. Keep your data for 7 years even without the proper M365 license.

Data retention

Easily archive data of former employees
Offboarding of employees
All M365 licenses of employees can be stopped after the mailbox is checked. M365 Backup archives all data even from users' PC and keeps it safe for as long as you want.


Smoothly repair threats from within
Threats from within
Accidentally clicking on a phishing link, or malicious such as an angry
employee who mass deletes data. Control and restore data without data loss.
Even if the retention period is exceeded.

Hackers hopeless

External threats do not lead to data loss
Threats from within
Cybercriminals can hack M365 accounts or your entire Microsoft environment as part of a larger attack - and
encrypt or delete data. M365 Backup ensures smooth data recovery.

Internal IT professionally regulated

The knowledge and experience is readily available to you