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Part of the digital transformation

Technology is becoming more and more present in our lives. The digital transformation that comes with it is about strategy and a new way of thinking. Think of invoices by e-mail instead of post, Word documents instead of handwritten texts and digital notes instead of Post-its.

Retrieved from IT-In terms of IT, this means that a workplace is made available at any location, so that everything is simply available from anywhere at any time.

An essential part of this is servers. These have to be managed in a safe and proper way. It doesn't matter to us whether your servers are in the office, in a data centre or (partly) in the cloud. We make sure you can keep doing your job and take care of your business with good server services, including Azure, Microsoft's cloud solution.

Servers and Azure are important, but sometimes complicated. Converting that into something understandable was difficult. We wanted to make it useful but not too complicated and not too simple either. We wanted to explain complicated material clearly but not build 35 web pages. We looked at the information from all sides, threw a refreshing lime sauce over it and launched a campaign about it.

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Everything you want to know
about servers and Azure

Everything you want to know
about servers and Azure